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The affliction of Nazarite
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A long time ago, a young Nazarite, go to afore abandon a beautiful girl is encountered in defending the way with mendicant city. He can'ted help eating the heart that be in love with, lovesickness becomes pain, have no appetite for food all day, be ill abed. Join together people the illness that goes visitting him, see the look of his lose one's mind, very afraid.

Young Nazarite the affliction in all hearts confide of one ancient head comes out. Join together people although sympathize with his love solely, but do not give what help on, only useful utterance will comfort him. However, the Nazarite of carry a torch is really inexorable good word consoles. Everybody decides to give this accident report commentate honour. Then, taking a patient to commentate honour told about everything.

After inside information of Shi Zunzhi dawn, unexpected ground says: “ you need not such worry, very delicious meal rests, I can help you certainly, your desire can come true! ”

Everybody very questioningly commentate honour course of action, be elated of that young Nazarite, spirit does it one brace up, his play knife and fork later, follow commentate honour leave essence defeating garden to abandon, head for abandon defend a city.

Original, commentate honour lead a flock of child to be driven toward that girl home. Everybody reachs a door, hear what transmit sadness from house to cry sound, rambunctious unceasingly. Before going up, ask, so that girl died before 3 days. Because parental family dependant loves, hate to part with bury, cause a body to give out strange smelly, horrible.

Commentate honour review young Nazarite, earnestly and tirelessly admonishs say: That girl that you are infatuated with “ , became this appearance now. You ought to know everythings on earth is fugacious, unripe destroy change, at the twinkling of an eye, the truth of too impatient to wait. Fool is only crazy person just visit appearance only, disregard true, ability will be painful because of this self-wounding.

“ sees beautiful look, the heart puzzles, to fugacious, absent-minded. With excessive happy him destruction, get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning of as good as. Wisdom person can make a prompt decision, dare to dispel all worry. If as much as one likes puts ease, indulge in excessive happy, be addicted to at love, as good as builds prison oneself. Have inner understanding only, break off excessive desire, ability breaks through the bagnio of desire of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, break off the affliction of life and death thoroughly. ”

Young Nazarite witnesses the girl's cankered body, hear the argument with Shi Zuncheng earnest earnest again, give birth to penitent heart suddenly. He extremelies admire, to commentate honour week, represent apologize for an offense. Follow next commentate honour return essence of life to abandon, build practice hard, became eventually if really

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