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Repair Xi Cixin
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Early in the morning, buddhist relics nots go into town hold □ in the palm, encounter person of an old woman to be in wayside cry. Buddhist relics nots ask hangs down before compassionate hasten: “ a respectful form of address for an old person, you how? ”Old woman person bursts into tears say: “ honour person! Meet with in my home thief, property is stolen smooth. ”

Buddhist relics nots after returning essence of life to abandon, the thing that sees the morning reports to Buddha.

Buddha wears this thing nots for Buddhist relics view: “ for example has one family, the woman is much, the man is little, thief comes easily theft property; Be just like what do not repair Xi Cixin to compare grave, inbreak easily by cacodaemon demon, retreat break a heart. For example has one family, the man is much, the wife is little, bandits dare not covet; Be just like what know heart of the kind that build practice momently to compare grave, boundless beneficence countless, nature of the way outside demon cannot be invaded persecute. ”

Buddhist relics nots to understand from this, a person can become a monk or nun cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is how precious! Because this values this line line of business more.

Buddha says then: “ Xiu Xici heart ought to breed like the ox kind thick stiff, make a heart solid, and won't suffer benefit desire place to shake, often can protect so kosher. ”

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