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Life of Sakyamuni Buddha alms giving saves all living creatures
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When Bodhisattva of travel of Sakyamuni Buddha past, be called big Sa his mother-in-law.

Bout, big Sa his mother-in-law is worn together a group of businessman, cross the sea by boat, midway, suddenly billow of a windstorm comes over, the boat is attacked bad, seawater emerges continuously sit cabin, was about to sink soon. Posture of area of numerous businessman area looks, cried for help urgently without the road.

Become critically just about, heart of big Sa his mother-in-law thinks: “ hears of, the sea is not heavy of cadaver! Hm, do so! ” then, call out to numerous businessman:

“ is not afraid of! I save we all to go to sea! Come! Fast, be fast! Fast cinch my hair hands or feet! ”

Numerous businessman hears this voice, opened hope eye, ground of strive to be the first captures big Sa closely his mother-in-law whole body each parts. Big Sa his mother-in-law, wait for them to caught stable to become completely, committed suicide fast knife generously!

Instant, if float bursa is like the ground to reach the shore,fresh gale plays the corpse of his mother-in-law of will big Sa; so, make a group of businessman complete escape from a danger!

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