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Turn over advocate for guest
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General of the end of the year, the Buddha smooth a Buddhist monk of outer roam travel far and wide, child hurrieds back to make the same score the Taoist or Buddhish rites of the North sea that lives then to spend the New Year eventually in night of the New Year's Eve. Before a Buddhist monk returns a temple travel-stainedly, see a temple only inside dark black, raise one's hand knocks without the echo, the heart thinks is smooth probably go out to did not return then, be forced act against one's will buddhist of cross one's legs sits wait before the temple. Waited a little while, the person of the same trade's attendant is visited impatiently everywhere in fane, discover a window does not have lock eventually. Attendant skill is strong and vigorous climb a wall and enter, and open the door ask a Buddhist monk to go in. After Buddha smooth a Buddhist monk goes in, face about explains attendant to say: “ locks up all door windows instead. ”
Passed about two wick sweet long, smooth in returning a temple eventually then, draw out the key in the bosom, tried again, cannot open the door namely, ping Suina frowzily solilo-quize path: “ well! Really strange, this key did not take a fault obviously, how cannot be opened? Is it possible that it is this Men Taijiu was not used, rust so cannot open. ” is smooth satisfy reopen of ground of unwilling to give up, that door shuts tenaciously closely, be forced act against one's will also the garment since hold up thes full front of a Chinese gown to break a window and be entered from a small window of toilet edge, where to know an ability to just be extended indoor, transmit grave and simple and honest sound suddenly from inside darkness: “ what person are you? What to climb a window to do? ” Ping Suiyi Jing, dropped to come down, is it possible that do oneself go wrong family? Still met with inside the temple ganef?

Wary child makes the same score Buddha smooth a Buddhist monk satisfy excessive fright, command attendant opens the door at once, greeted Pingsui. Ping Suiyi looks is the master came back, hasten the ceremony before going up path: “ master! A moment ago child was psyched out indeed, master that drink gently, as lion roaring, who is making child true do not know advocate? Who is a guest. ”

Constant someone says: Mercy is pursued really not easily, actually if from him each other is easy, easy practice is compassionate. Make the same score each other of satisfied guest and host easy, also do not know who I am really? Obviously oneself are a temple advocate, but to house inside ask gently, make oneself have like that suddenly instead advocate the feeling that is guest. The ego of common persistence, also have so the hour that forgets to break. This kind forgets to break still do not leave treat and part persistent, if be realized from inside buddhist view, from ill-advised in forget to break ego, that can surmount abyss of misery of life and death.

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