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Abandon color to become a monk or nun
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One day the choice is taking earthen bowl than grave, walk along Wang She city to want to be fed to letter numerous beg. When him ordinal beg is fed, when the door that takes to oneself, was seen by his wife fine quality. The say with fine very sullen quality: “ you after all why? How to abandon I and disregard? ”

“ is met in the law in, my dress was discharged by you stink, so I think the person is body ungodliness, disloyal, hair wish to follow Buddha became a monk or nun. ”

“ since you become a monk or nun, how OK person of rant accuse falsely? I since marry you after the home, the gate had not gone out, can you abandon to essence of life how go attending a law to meet? ”

Outside just coming to at that time, , he does not put good intention, want to destroy execute, so he also interrupts say: The law met “ that day medium woman, not be fine really quality, change pretends to be that, it is to forge deceive people, the choice was cheated by him! ”

The choice compares grave already already card fruit, know the fact with can medium law of course. But at that time he, it is to see through everything, get look no longer puzzle, and be opposite of oneself fugacious, visional, he is bright thorough more know.

The way outside choosing to compare grave to be mixed to fine quality again said a lot of reasons, they also realize the fact of affairs of human life finally. From now on, be far from dirt, become a monk or nun with Buddha learn.

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