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This predestined relationship of Buddha
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Sakyamuni Buddha ever the old a term applied to a kindhearted person that metempsychosis is one kingly caste, fortune satisfactory, be on intimate terms is all majestic, perfectness to all knowledge without hinder, people loves to him, deferential. Bodhisattva sees in the home after all error, wait for parents to die be about to penates of 10 thousand be linked together is right Sramana, Brahman, poor person travel is extensive offer up a sacrifice next applying, next resolutely become a monk or nun, to one hush ground mortify buddhist is decided, be like the behavior of the law in order to be like manage eventually and renown raise the world.

One relatives and friends is informed his father be opposite after his circumstances his say: “ is when you are green and junior, does that pass toward noiseless ground before can you abandoning wealthy family how miserable life? Why are you like visit thing? Still stay in common to live in the home to spend day had better! ”

Honour person say to his announce tired ligature is thrown into jail at be just as in the home the error like, reach the works that noiseless Qing Dynasty writes in the forest, this person listens to believe thoroughly to his place character.

Ages ago before have one support cling to city, kingly name is Xue Haitian, prince name is sea day, also namely the Sakyamuni Buddha later. Sea day prince is all perfectness to artistic, 5 bright all, after via father Wangkai is made, arrive in the forest ascetic practices sit in meditation, give birth to 4 buddhist finally 5.

Kingly chancellery has child 500, to the knowledge such as art Yi Fei often has a good command of, they are unavoidable heart with each passing day arrogant is slow rise, everybody from pity: “ the knowledge such as my, appearance unmanned already can compare. Division says to them however over 500 people of ” : Prince of “ sea day lives now in Yu Senlin, if with its photograph relatively, ten million of the talent that you have, appearance, ability, wisdom is divided not as good as firstly. ” everybody hears character to be eager to seeing him prince individually, they with go up the forest that division is decided together. After seeing prince, only its foreign minister already made a person praise greatly, everybody all thinks prince has other works more for certain. Then everybody becomes a monk or nun before him, teach the state that leaves 5 to also obtain 4 buddhist at him.

After waiting for Sakyamuni to become Buddha, former division makes division of the arrow that have a day namely over that 500 people, he teachs skill of 500 people archery in wide Yan Cheng, that 500 people are the chancellery at that time namely child. Division of the arrow that have a day highly praises law of Sakyamuni Buddha arrow first excellent, lead 500 child to become a monk or nun before Buddha together next, all obtain A arhat fruit.

Ages ago before, 500 businessmen ever passed one thick woods, the hideous starts wind make trouble at that time, unexpectedly fierce wind of sweep all over the sky. Proper everybody have no alternative when, sakyamuni Buddha is shown namely in those days it is the power that has 5 magic power now boundless celestial being, come out businessman and its fortune from the rescue in the forest entirely, make its return the land that lives formerly smoothly. Numerous businessman everyone is happy, become a monk or nun to the front of celestial being in succession then seek a way, obtain 4 buddhist eventually 5.
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