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Buddha treats the manner of concupiscence
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Wave of Ma Hebo 阇 carries a madam to wait after becoming a monk or nun before long, a day, one compares grave youngly excuse me Buddha:

“ Buddha! Carry the 500 people such as the madam to become a monk or nun like wave of Ma Hebo 阇 , their tonsure catchs the garment, reveal monk photograph, we need not regard them woman, but right socially woman, a kind of what kind of manner should we hold in the arms to treat them? ”

Buddha replies: “ had better be to be able to keep away from they, do not see them; If false indispose keeps away from, want to resemble seeing them, do not speak; If has to speak, to them the speech must have pure heart, want to think of oneself had become a monk or nun, be like the lotus in mud, although foul, but lotus is quiet after all pure. Concupiscence is a gathering place of fish orbeasts of worldly injustice. Should want to make body and mind quiet vivid amid of pure a future life. When seeing aged woman, should regard them as wait for in light of the mother; When seeing young woman, should regard them as wait for in light of the sister. ”

“ is in the troubles concupiscence namely force with the most powerful world, of the dreadest Wei also is the force of vexed concupiscence. The person wants if conquer troubles concupiscence, that has to want to use an old unit of length for measuring land of honest tolerance, the arrow of keen wisdom, the head wears the helmet that be being thought of and reading aloud, wrap around personally the armour that does not have me. Square can conquer 5 desire worldly. ”

“ learns the man of the path, the woman of indulge beauty. The woman that learns is bent on handsome man, excessive is about to meet those who shut the heart of people wisdom, understand not easily to the truth. ”

“ is born in this worldly woman, when no matter be in,walking, when standing, when sitting, morpheus when, hope others looks attentively at her pose. Their thrush contends for beautiful, the contest that fume the garment is spruce, everything is viewed and admire to give others like the vase. What others praises is the garment those who walk on is beautiful, do not have a relation with her actually, she also is brought think jubilate honorable, sometimes they yield family picture, sometimes from pass before the family, the glamour that wants to use oneself can convict ligature the other side, they are abbe to what do not their mind disturbed, also be to have this purpose likewise. ”

“ is born in this worldly man, no matter see what woman, he also jubilates settle on a few, their eye is like even if grow for the woman, a word of the woman, can make his life and reputation commit to the flames, doing a thing to seem also is done for the woman, you ask me this person about learning, should treat a wife with what kind of manner, so I tell you, you be sure to have written down, feminine tear, feminine smile, should be regarded and the enemy is same; The pose that feminine nutation goes to, the artifice that hangs down, should be being regarded is the cleek that receives fetch to photograph soul; Feminine show is sent, makeup countenance, want to regard the iron chain that is the person that tie string. Careful him control heart, do not allow a heart to wanton. ”
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