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Brahman demands payment of a debt
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Buddha lives in abandon when defending a country to cultivate alone garden only, one day, buddha takes move comparing surname people hold beg in the palm to feed in the city together, walk along an alley when them the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, encounter a Brahman suddenly to block outlet, draw the ground to be a bound, forbid the travel before Buddha cross the border continues.

Brahman is overbearing and unjustifiable say to Buddha: You must give “ today I 500 money, otherwise your don't imagine that is possible leaves this place. ”

Buddha and than grave people listened, without method, be forced to stand silently in place. In the side that this message conducts bottle of sanded king, Persia conceal king, they send a person to deliver all sorts of jewellery to give Brahman immediately, strange is, brahman does not agree to accept actually. Buddha is exhibited to turn by tired thing later pass must amount to better over there, he took 500 money to send Brahman instantly, cannot think of, brahman let Buddha leave.

The station is in aside than grave people saw this thing, feel interrogative, ask Buddha then: “ Buddha! What did you have to celebrate a festival with Brahman in the past, why should he hold back your outlet? ”

Buddha says: “ a long time ago, pineapple a kind of apple is state-owned a prince is called be apt to to be born, one day, he and friend go out together amuse oneself, in road, encounter a person to playing game game with the son of prime minister, both sides bets 500 money each, the son of result prime minister was defeated, but he however take advantage of one's power bully people, act shamelessly does not agree repay a debt. At this moment, the person that prince tells ante says: “ if he is not willing to return money, I will had repaid for him. ” evermore, in boundless world, I often am demanded payment of a debt by the person of that ante. ”

Buddha continues to say again: “ the preexistence that the prince at that time is me, the son of prime minister must amount to better namely, the person of ante is today this Brahman. So, if you owe person debt, never deny, barratrous without the letter, buy and do not return, because although you became some day Buddha, also cannot break away from this kind of disaster. ”

Child people the past predestined relationship that listened to Buddha, each Dou Jieshen, the letter suffers pursue.
Predecessor later ages is a kind of accrete relation, because of in have if really, because of,have in fruit, because of fruit of cause and effect, fruit fruit because, namely so photograph of an annulus annulus is held, the relation that lot lot is linked together. Behavior industry strength is in spatio-temporal in ceaseless and eternal, constant often exists, as Ji language of Gu De:

If the person is made somewhat, all previous classics 100 thousand disaster,

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