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Carry a mother-in-law to degenerate
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One day midday, abandon those who defend the first tycoon in Persia conceal Wang Congcheng of the country to carry came out in husband's family, circle toward in one's way home garden essence is abandoned pay a formal visit Buddha.

The Buddha that taking a walk after the meal, see essence of your arrival of kingly and flurried ground is abandoned, be surprised king of ground prep against asks: “ king! Come how suddenly today essence of life was abandoned, is there critical thing? ”

“ is done not have! Without! I will see Buddha, tell Buddha a thing incidentally. ”

“ what thing, say to know to me! ”

“ Buddha! Promote an old woman already die in one's bed, funeral arrangement just ended yesterday, people of whole now town dies in comment for his in succession. ”

“ why? ”

“ Buddha! Promoting an old woman is an old rich man, he been makinging an on a grand and spectacular scale before one's death beneficial popular thing, the thing of be apt to that is minimum also had not been done, people is extremely bad to his impression. His dead, cause people curse laugh at.
But, I am him really regretful, a rich old rich man, the thing that does not have a few glory stays in the world, revere to the person yearning, and get go down in history as a symbol of infamy, either very is fool crazy? Enormous riches is OK without descendants be adopted as heir to one's uncle, died nowadays, belt of all the different kind does not go, how pitiful Jew! Here, sigh and groan is worn.

Buddha asks: “ since he does not have descendants be adopted as heir to one's uncle, how is his belongings handled? ”

“ Buddha! That has the law of according to country only, have his belongings whole return to one's country! Hear, his gold is had more than 80000 jins by fish, and the assiduous frugal that often lives the other day is used, mix a poor people is same. He is not known enjoy fortune, use money, be extremely the person with crazy fool. ”

Buddha plaints: “ king! You say rightly, I hope you have the judgement of such wisdom forever. If resemble promoting an old woman such fortune, be good at applying, make the career of some of welfare crowd, after he is dead, people can feel the grief of look utterly wretched certainly. If, he can issue Le Shanhao to apply in the guidance of 3 treasure, earth up Fu Xiuhui, that merits and virtues is more mysterious! The law teachs in mine in, one is good at treating the person of property truly, it is for private use and not wasteful, be altruistic and not miserly, can from him two benefit, money just does not come those who make waste material. ”

Here, king interrupts: “ Buddha! Resemble promoting an old woman the person of such miserly, why is his this life so rich? ”
“ king! Before this has of course because of. He is in past world, ever had made offerings to Jia Xie Rulai destroys a monarch after spending raises Buddha, planted roots of many be apt to, feel much more unripe to the blessing of much world signs up for so, but of this life big rich, the Yu Fu that also is the last time. ”
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