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The truth of life
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There is a paragraph in sutra allegorical, drive the fact that shows life to us:

In the autumn day dusk of a loneliness, endless and capacious wild in, totteringly of walking of a traveller is driving a road. Abrupt, traveller discovery is thin scattering in dark tough talk together piece for nothing thing, fix eyes on looks, it is the person's bones of the dead so.

The traveller is in interrogative during, transmit breathtaking roar from ahead suddenly, press hard on of a tiger and come. See a tiger, the traveller understood the reason of bones of the dead immediately, immediately the road when all along begins to escape.

But was to lose way apparently, the traveller runs to bluff bluff unexpectedly over, it is hopeless that he looks.

There is a pine tree on cliff fortunately, and go up from branch lop a cirrus, extend Xiang Ya rough draft. Then, the traveller hesitates none, catching cirrus to hang down, escape from death of it may be said.

The food that tiger get better is about to enter the mouth not easily escapes unexpectedly, vexed extremely, on cliff rave is worn.

Good acknowledgment! Fortunately the shelter of this cirrus, saved precious one life eventually, the traveller set his mind at temporarily. But, when he falls to look toward the foot, can't help “ ah ” , original, it is surfy actually below the foot, bottom unmeasured is deep-sea! Angry billow is insurgent on offing, there still are 3 poisonous dragons between that wave, what they are stretching big mouth to awaiting him is degenerate. The traveller is imperceptible the whole body is quaky rise.

But more bloodcurdling is, the root of the cirrus that puts in Lai Yisheng is received place, appeared one white, one black two mice, they are gnawing cirrus interactively!

Traveller desperately jolty cirrus, want to drive away mice, but mice a bit also does not have the meaning of runout.

In the traveller when jolty cirrus, on branch honeycomb distill honey, the traveller licks honey the mouth in: How does “ make a person be intoxicated! He forgot ” actually oneself are in horrible condition personally.

One, lonely soul

What do this paragraph mean allegorically?

Sakyamuni Buddha opens the photograph that shows the traveller with this crazy fool, it is the life real phase that points to us.

Traveller: This traveller is to point to ourselves namely.

Wild: Endless and doleful wild it is allegorical our endless and doleful life.

We from be born, the stay away from home that become this traveller and makes life.

Since traveller, should know destination. Nowadays, are we with why purpose and be born to what this world comes?

If do not know, have to say to be mixed the traveller with this crazy fool is same.

Autumnal dusk: Autumnal dusk is the lonely feeling of allegorical life.

Why does our life resemble reason of the autumn lonely? Because we are,loneliness travels between one person future world, though have relative, friend, fellow worker, but not everything in heart of can mutual pour, we cannot be found true the friend of the heart that each other understand, even if couple, also will surely not understand the issue in the heart each other.
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