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More or less to weigh
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Su Dongpo of bachelor of member of the Imperial Academy because with according to become aware a Buddhist monk is talked, refer “ affection and callosity, plant with the circle wisdom after the word of ” , have wake up to reality suddenly, 3 Ji of the ” after the ” before making “ did not join deep meditation consequently, ” when “ joins deep meditation, “ joins buddhist to be realized, indicate a result. The state before joining deep meditation is:
“ horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak, discretion of far and near differs each;

Do not know a the truth of sth. , it is along the body only in this hill. ”

When arriving to join deep meditation, its result is:

Zhejiang of misty rain of “ cottage hill is wet, did not hate to 1000 kinds not disappear;

Until returns without be related, zhejiang of cottage hill misty rain is wet. ”

After until joins buddhist to be realized, its mood is:

“ brook sound is full of wide long-tongued, hill lubricious no more than is kosher personally;

Evening arrives 84 thousand Ji, how to lift the other day seem a person? ”

Su Dongpo is realized from this buddhist hind, taller to consider oneself of power of Buddha, high and steep of door of buddhist of a Buddhist monk of Chenghao of temple of spring of the jade austral Wen Jing, machine sharp edge is touched hard, the terribly in the heart refuses to obey, because this is small,take beg for an audience, want to try the buddhist result of Cheng Haochan division how? Meet at the beginning of ability, su Dongpo says:

“ hears buddhist of a Buddhist monk to realize work is expensive, what is asking buddhist to realize? ”

Cheng Haochan division does not answer rhetorical question path:

“ is honour official excuse me expensive surname? ”

Sudong ramp: “ surnames a balance! The world you a balance is presbyterial have multiple level! ”

Drink like a fish of Cheng Haochan division, say:

Do excuse me this drink “ how many is weigh? ”

Su Dongpo is not had feel right, satisfy week and retreat.

Su Dongpo joins deep meditation 3 administrative levels, the ginseng buddhist that blueness of no less than thinks of a Buddhist monk to say all right formerly 3 phase, he says: Before “ joins deep meditation, seeing hill is hill, seeing water is water; When joining deep meditation, seeing hill is not hill, seeing water is not water; After ginseng buddhist is realized, seeing hill is hill, seeing water is water. ”

Buddhist person via this 3 close, although can leave,realize, but be not long card, realizing is solution, long belong to card, reason buddhist person by realize case long, by repair and card. If do not have the person that write card, if encounter Cheng Haochan division,the buddhist door such as this greats master, to your drink like a fish when, namely stare tongue-tied, be rendered speechless.
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