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The satori of a butcher
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10 years ago, zhang Shun is a full-time butcher -- it is the domestic animals of person butcher size around technically. He says, those who do their this group, be in every time the ” before “ carry out a death sentence, in the heart talk about again and again so a word: People does not have me to be not slaughtered, people does not have me to be not slaughtered. Even if such, often still become nightmare. Have a year of winter, zhang Shun is very cheap bought an ass from the market, planning to arrive the Spring Festival killed it, sell a good price. The day arrived, he is carrying a long knife to developing an ass to go, the ass hides everywhere. A few 3, zhang Shun is urgent, one goes hugging on asinine neck, brandish knife wants thorn, the ass is towering of “ Ao ” long cry, pour out of two tear subsequently. Zhang Shun was stupefied. Be in at this moment, the dog in the home, chicken, pig cries one blast in disorder, that dog comes up to bite Zhang Shun even. “ turned over your ” Zhang Shun to thinking, the knife stops in half sky. at this moment, the thing happening that expect is less than: The ass gives birth to the child!
A small ass was born, that returns the knife that kills an ass on the ground to be being inserted. Right now, big ass appears very unruffled, be indifferent to the ground to look at the Zhang Shun that crouchs in the smoking on the ground, zhang Shun wife gives drink rice congee, it also is not drunk; Other animal people, also restored calm, but Zhang Shun's knife also was not taken again from now on. Zhang Shun says, he had not eaten the meat 10 years.

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