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" Amitabha " get success
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Civilian first, attentively idle rabbi has prentice, this is prentice more than 40 years old of ability become a monk or nun. His age follows rabbi about the same, they are the friends that play together as a child. Environment of family of attentively idle rabbi is a bit better, had studied a book so. His uncle deal takes him, it is so had seen world. He lives that with the student special pinch, learn " boiler leakage artisan " craft. What calls boiler leakage artisan? It is bowl dish break, he can fill it rise reoccupy. He carries an a carring pole to cry outside every day, exceedingly painstaking. He experiences life truly too bitter! He also knows the friend that plays together in one's childhood, gave the home, did bonze, search then. Find attentively idle rabbi, lived a few days in temple, say with old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest: " I want to become a monk or nun. " rabbi asks: " why? " " life is too bitter, I must become a monk or nun. " old monk says: " you are not joking! Live a few days or go deal! " why to let him become a monk or nun? Old monk considers him age is too old, at that time, 4, 50 years old are an old person, physical strength also ebbed, become a monk or nun, 5 homeworks learn won't, recite scriptures also reads aloud not to come, such, live in cloister, let person look down upon, cool detachment look upon, the heart has many sad ah! Learn sermon! He is illiterate, then, old monk rejects him. As a result he is going back on his word forcedly: " my blame becomes a monk or nun cannot, I not deal. " old monk says: " so good, if you think up the home really, you must promise a few my conditions. " he says: " this is no problem, I identify you to become a master worker, you say what I listen to completely, accept completely. " old monk says: " this is very good! I give you have one's hair cut, shave after the head, you also do not go be initiated into monkhood be initiated into monkhood, also do not live in the temple. Be initiated into monkhood be initiated into monkhood, 53 days you are overcome. Say peaceful wave country again, have a lot of small temple, defeat temple, the nobody that abandon temple lives, look for take up one's quarters of a small temple. " old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest is in around, look for a few to protect law, believer each month sends a bit money to him, send a bit meters, bring his life. Look for the old lady of a pray to Buddha around again, wash the dress to him everyday, burn midday, in the evening two eat meal. Teach him date of a Buddha next " south without Amitayus " . Explain him: " you miss mark of this one Buddha, read aloud tired rest, had rested, you read aloud again; Read aloud all the time go down, you have profit certainly in the future. " this individual did not read, but obedient, frank, he misses mark of emperor of this 6 words with respect to be dead set. He reads aloud really tired rest, had rested to read aloud again. In that temple, did not go out 3 years, date of a Buddha, miscellaneous not at all, this makes choice. This day, he leaves cloister, go seeing his kin friend in the city. Dinner eats, the old lady that cooks a meal with that says: " you will cook a meal for me tomorrow. " the heart thinks this old lady: The master did not go out 3 years, see a friend today, probably the friend will ask him to have a meal tomorrow, call me not to cook a meal to him so. Arrived the following day midday, the old lady looks in temple, does the master come back? That is a broken temple, temple door does not close, in temple, call a master worker, nobody should, search again. See the master stands in small house room, facing a window, the hand is taking beads. Cry, he is not responded to; Go to him before, just know, he died! The station is worn dead, pray to Buddha is gone to was born. At this moment the old lady was frightened jump, she never sees the person is standing to death, report those a few protect a law rapidly then. These protect a law one look, also do not know how to do, with respect to the clique the person reports to Guan Zongsi attentively idle rabbi. That moment does not have a car, ask a person to notify, need 3 days back and forth. You see him, standing to go to unripe, stand 3 days even, the master that waits for him will handle a funeral affair for him. You wants to know, can succeed 3 years, essence of life is entered! After attentively often looked, special gasp in admiration say: " you did not become a monk or nun in vain! Your achievement, the rabbi of sermon view, the abbot abbot of 剎 of renown hill treasure, neither one person can be comparable you! " an Amitayus, cry only essence of life, not be mingled with, uninterrupted, it is successful key.  
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