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Dignitary chooses abbot
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There is a such story in Zen:

Have a dignitary, it is the abbot of a big cloister, because of year the work is expensive already, thinking to seek successor in the heart.

A day, he makes two complacent child before, these two child cry intelligent bright, one makes this world yuan. Dignitary says to them:

" you two who can the force by oneself, from the back of fane of cliff below climb mount, who will be my successor. "

Hui Minghe dirt yuan will to cliff fall together, that is the cliff of the unripe Wei that makes a person look at the same time really, precipice is extremely arduous and abrupt.

The body is hale intelligent bright, confidence begins centuply to climb climb.

But not a little while he from above slipped to come down.

Intelligent bright climb to begin afresh, although this he is cautious, but or from boil above the hillside fall to place. After Huiming rested a little, begin to climb again climb, although fall a bloody nose and a swollen facely, he also does not abandon … absolutely…

Letting what the person feels regretful is, intelligent bright climb to fall repeatedly repeatedly, he spells the last time systemic force, when climbing half half way up the mountain, because effort already was used up, nowhere go to bed, fall heavily on a big stone, fainted on the spot. Dignitary must let a few monks use a rope, saved him go back.

Be turn for dirt then yuan, he also is He Huiming at the beginning same, climb to the utmost extent to cliff top climb, the result also climbs to fall repeatedly repeatedly.

Dirt yuan grasp rope station to be above stone of a hill, he plans to retry, but when him casual oversee later, plump with the rope that will climb cliff to support. Next he makes garment unlined upper garment, pat the clay that goes up personally, twist a head to fall towards hill.

The numerous monk that look on very indissoluble, dirt yuan so easily abandoned? Everybody is eristic to this in succession.

Only dignitary falls silent the ground looks at dirt yuan whereaboutldirection.

Dirt yuan arrived below hill, along brook sheds downstream and go up, cross the woods, cross valley ……

Did not expend what effort to reach cliff top finally.

When dirt yuan when new station arrives before dignitary, everybody still thinks dignitary is met clapperclaw his be mortally afraid of death, recreant timid and weak-willed, meet even him expulsive temple door. Who knows dignitary to smiling to announce however dirt yuan it is surely new allow abbot.

Numerous monk all look at each other in speechless despair, do not know so.

Dirt yuan Xiang Tongxiu people explanation:

" cliff of temple rear overhang is what manpower cannot go on ascend. But want next seeing to lower his head at place of half way up the mountain only, see go up the road of hill. The master often says “ to us bright person because of condition and change, wisdom person along with affection travel ” , teach us to want to know namely adjustable retreat those who change ah. "
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