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Say to be inferior to going
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One day, one often follows Buddha everywhere the child of great law says to Buddha suddenly: “ Buddha! You are the teacher with the greatest throughout history. ”

Buddha listened this word, a bit did not show happy scene, ask child instead: Do you see “ cross all great teachers on the world? ”

“ is done not have of course. ” child replies.

“ so you know all teachers on vivid now alive bound, or the teacher that will future be born? ”

I do not know “ . ” child replies again.

“ so, you say I am the greatest in all teachers, this word fine long hair is insignificant, the word that because you know you without method,says is really false after all. ”

I think “ only praise you, teach because of yours show so brillant. ” child apologize.

Buddha says: “ if you think my religion show helpful to you, so execute me religion show, those who abide by me religion show, this is compared adulatory can make me glad more. ”

Buddha asks another child beside then: “ if you should buy precious gold, before experimenting, can you pay? ”

“ does not pay of course, because in case be a holiday, that did not spend injustice money in vain. ” child replies so.

“ the its just the same that this teachs with me. ”

Buddha continues say: “ you do not think what I say, it is correct and true certainly, you yourselves should experiment my religion show, look true not bully person; If you discover it is true and useful, so go executing, because respect me,not be only, just carry out me religion show. In addition, do not criticize others place to teach, say others religion show bad, there are a lot of great teachers on the world, themselves is helpful the method of others. Accordingly, not satisfying to their any retain treat sb without proper respect, they teach well, this is not your thing, your thing is in only make oneself are gotten from suffering happy, at the same time help others is gotten from suffering happy. ”

Child people those who listened to Buddha religion show, from now on more can with reason, objective esteem manner look upon any person and thing.

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