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Cross-legged or with ankle on knee of Buddha child Mo Qiao
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Become warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, in us already was common in daily life. Little imagine this is a kind abusive, and damage healthy. It is early more than 2000 years ago, buddha has teach, be in " classics of kinds of big nirvana. Buddha sex tastes the 4th " in say: " if Buddha saying word listens to the Chang Qiao that compare grave one foot... wait for generation Buddha all to listen so become a monk or nun it is, it is renown demon says. " Chang Qiao one foot, what say now namely become warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee. Buddha says again: " I am not to allow constant lift up of one foot. If someone says world honour allows such doing, ought to know, he is outside path spouses, is not my child. "

Great one rabbi also is to object becoming warped of cross-legged or with ankle on knee. He makes in fontal city Cheng Tiansi " change a habit " show say: " impressive manner notes when sitting. Hang down sufficient when sitting, double leg place side by side. Unfavorable left and right sides becomes warped each other frame, more unfavorable tower aloft or extend continuously. Beyond when the home Si changes this habit. And contemporary the impressive manner with an average family, also must not such. "

This shows, become warped the sitting position of cross-legged or with ankle on knee, it is the impressive manner that has the child that break Buddha, and be tribute tall my slow expression. It is a kind of undesirable habit, must learn a lesson, try to correct.

Tell from physiology and medical angle, chang Qiao cross-legged or with ankle on knee is right healthy have damage. Chang Qiao cross-legged or with ankle on knee, cause lumbar and thoracic vertebra pressure extremely easily to distributing not all, cause the lumbago with unidentified reason thereby. In addition, becoming warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee is sedentary, because double leg squashs each other, return circulation of can cloggy blood, as time passes, caused the varicosity of leg ministry, serious meeting causes circumfluence of leg ministry blood not bug of free, blue veins, ulcer, phlebitis, haemorrhage or other disease.

Classics of a British doctor observes discovery for years, bad sitting position, not only harmful to the body, and have particular concern with premature senility. Long-term and bad sitting position brings to bear on to muscle tension and press closely, produce the ossein of excessive. And the fiber propping up that ossein is join musculature, below normal circumstance, it is in charge of the flexibility of musculature, if ossein excessive, create the tension of nerve, blood-vessel and lymphatic, once ossein invades musculature, muscle is met inflexible, the person appears anility, enter anile range.

Unseal the monk of Shaolin Temple, very attention travel, station, sit, lying impressive manner, set " be like wind all right, if the station is loose, be like,sit bell, be like,lie bend " dharma, the lubricious body of this good to protection monk, having abundant energy cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine more have profit greatly.
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