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Chinese traditional food is formal
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Begin have dinner, want to pay attention to civilized courtesy, those who want him attention " eat " . The have dinner with nice nurturance is used to. Should notice the following commonly:

Let elder eat bowl chopsticks have dinner first, or hear elder to say: "Everybody eats together " , you move chopsticks again, cannot grab before in elder.

When having a meal, want the bowl since end, mouth of thumb button bowl, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger buckles bowl bottom, control is empty. Dishonourable bowl bend over has a meal to the bowl on the table, not only eat indelicate, and oppressive stomach ministry, the influence is digested.

When placing dish, should be stood by from dish or face dish of oneself edge clip to rise, do not place at the same time from what the occasional in dish relies on others case, cannot break up to go to the ground in vegetable tray with the chopstick more " search look for to look for " , the eye often also is not staring at vegetable tray, clip dish also shoulds not be too much. Encounter oneself to love eating course, cannot take without a break suddenly like popularly of make a clean sweep of sth, cannot work more fragile reach dish end in front of oneself, engorge eats especially, want attend to to be the same as the parents of the desk and sister younger brother. If the food in compote is not much already, you think again it " clean " clean, be recruited ask the opinion of person of desk of one similarly hereinafter, people expressed not to eat, you ability is OK its dispose of.

Should shut up masticatory, to nibble slow pharynx, this is helpful for digesting not only, also be the formal requirement on table. Can open big mouth anything but, chunk fills in in past mouth, voracious, cannot be in more since clip when meal, stretchy neck, open big mouth, extending a tongue to receive dish with the mouth; Do not put too much food to import, meet a person leave a pair of greedy photograph and greedy impression otherwise.

The movement of have dinner wants a few more cultured. When placing dish, do not come up against neighbour, not dish of dish in dial a table, do not sprinkle boiling water break up, do not get on drop of food boiling water to the table. Corners of the mouth is stained with meal bead, want have dinner paper or napkin gently efface, be not licked with the tongue. Masticatory meal, do not give out in the mouth " " , " Ji of Gu Ji Gu " sound. The mouth contains food, had better not chat with others, want for fun abstinent, lest gush of the food in the mouth comes out, or choke is entered tracheal, create risk; When needing to talk with family truly, should light tone delicate language.

Spat dish broken bits, should take with chopstick or hand receive come out, on the table that is put before oneself, cannot spit a desktop to go up directly or on the ground. If want to cough, sneeze, should cover with hand or handkerchief Pull in your ears! , and the gangmaster is rearward turn. Have a meal chew sand or have in voice phlegmy when, want to leave table to be spat.
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