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Those who respect tea is formal
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The country of origin of tea is in China. The tea crop of our country, can weighs the world most. Drink tea in our country, it is a kind of habits and customs not only, also be a kind of of long standing and well established culture tradition. Chinese habit entertains a guest with tea, formed drink tea accordingly formal. For instance, ask a guest to drink tea, want to put the teacup on tray to be carried, use both hands to act according to. The teacup should be put in the ahead of guest right hand. When the edge talks about edge drink, want to add water in time to the guest. The guest wants kind " article " , small mouth sips, glibly is unripe sweet, is not to make swig.

Japan has tea way, actually its traceable China. Tea art has made a component of Chinese culture. For instance of China " kongfu tea " , a kind be tea path, have strict operating sequence.

Smell tea. Advocate the guest sits after deciding, host takes out tea, introduce the characteristic of this breed, gust actively, the guest is ordinal deliver smell to admire.

Lukewarm crock. First boiled water irruptive sky crock, make crock temperature hot. Enter water next " tea boat " a kind of violet arenaceous tea tray.

Install tea. Load tea to the middle of empty bottle with teaspoon, hold most bottle normally. Avoid by all means catchs tea with the hand, lest luck or miscellaneous flavour mix meat and fish dishes. Pour water, add water thick looking is simpler it seems that, but it is a when reflect courteous to guest civilization service serious content however, have its specific requirement and operation standard to pouring water, add water consequently.

When the clerk pours water, add water for guest, must knock first, classics the ability after agreeing enters guest room, parlor or assembly room. The right hand takes thermos bottle, handle of turn towards of thermos flask lifted handle at the same time, left hand takes short-haired pelt towel. Pour water, add water toward Gao Beizhong, applied left-hand little finger and ring finger clip tall cup to build the small pellet that go up, with handholding cup of thumb, forefinger and middle finger, from the desk end issues a teacup, leg one before one hind, sideways pours water into the cup.

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