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Food is formal - why is bowl pot tapped with the chopstick when have dinner
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Have a meal at ordinary times, the parent can admonish the child does not tap bowl pot with the chopstick. Meet excellent in entertain guests when having a meal, cannot tap the chopstick at random bowl pot especially. Is this after all why? Somebody thinks this kind of formal standard is abstain from with what cadge concern. That is to say, only beggar denounces the ability when feeding to be able to the chopstick taps bowl pot. This kind of explanation compares easy popularity.

In fact, still another kind of explanation is worth to take seriously, call somewhat in ancient time " poison of a legendary venomous insect " say, guo of according to legend is a kind by the poisonous insect of artificial education, the person takes 100 bug to be put into earthen jar, classics year open when looking, surely one bug feeds other bug, this bug calls a legendary venomous insect. Because this will poison a person and the ancients makes a person do not know oneself, call poison of a legendary venomous insect. The powder that using a legendary venomous insect is put when other is poisonned in food, to make a legendary venomous insect effective, be about to read aloud abracadabra edge to tap bowl pot in the edge when envenom. Accordingly, in beating bowl basin to become food with the chopstick big irreverent.

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