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The fruit after the meal is formal
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On the banquet, the fruit regards as sometimes desert, it is afterdinner sometimes a clear opening dish, all sorts of fruits this how, is there He Li? Brief introduction is as follows:

Bizarre fruit

Flay of bizarre fruit classics, and resemble tomato after same section, regard as normally the material of fruit dish, perhaps use ornament salad and desert.

Melon, Chinese flowering quince and pomegranate

These a few kinds of fruits go up normally the metropolis before the desk tries first refrigerant, and depend on its bulk size, cent is cut two half or quarter. Have the fruit of a lot of seed like interior of papaya and so on, on all seed before the desk already should keep clear of clean, when arriving, dig pulp with spoon come out to eat.

Fresh pineapple

Cut pineapple head trail with knife of a benefit what two end and rugged belt prick is cortical, distribute the pulp that remain the chip that cuts a circle again. After such pineapple section outfit is mensal on Pan Zhongduan, the guest can eat with the broach that eats a desert and spoon.


Unless had been cut beforehand, take out watermelon child, regard as the same fruit in fruit dish, otherwise watermelon fact is unfavorable the bill of fare that includes formal eat the dinner. Watermelon cannot go up circumstance of formal eat banquet, the reason is being planted at this fruity seed is too much, seed must be spat ceaselessly when the guest eats, reoccupy hand puts watermelon seed in dish. Nevertheless, on the circumstance with informal outdoors, watermelon but very welcome, because this is planted,on the circumstance each person can spit seed footloosely, not be to have a child only ability is OK so do.

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