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Food is formal -- use a method correctly of napkin
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Napkin should be put on the leg

Take napkin from table, first 50% discount, face towards plait line again oneself, booth is on the leg. Cannot shake napkin absolutely, surround in like bib child on, or a place of strategic importance is in collarband. And in the eye of entrance of one horn a place of strategic importance napkin or chatelaine, also be wrong method. If the quality of a material of the dress is more slippery, napkin slides easily, that should with relatively not marked method, the one part of napkin a place of strategic importance takes waist band in, or a place of strategic importance of or so two end falls in ham.

Napkin is to be used wipe mouth

Napkin is for precaution of course flavor juice is drippy, flyblown clothings. But, the mainest still is to be used wipe mouth. Full mouth is oily after eating a stodge be soiled, if talk with this pair of honour look and person, actually is indelicate. When besides drinks, still can take oily floodwater on low-lying land on glass, more ugly. As to lipstick also be to want to be brushed slightly with napkin likewise, avoid a lip to imprint touch go up in goblet.

Napkin is used finish beardless fold is orderly

Have dinner ends should stand up, the napkin that gets on the leg above all is taken, had folded at will, what put napkin in table again is left, rise to leave personally next. If stand up hind ability switch or fold napkin, not seemliness. Beardless fold is gotten after napkin is gone too too orderly, but also cannot informal rub becomes posse. If have advocate guest or elder are present, must wait for the ability when they take napkin fold to follow an action.

When midway leaves place temporarily, must let napkin go up from table lop one horn

Midway had better avoid to leave place in banquet. Blame is temporary when leaving place, a lot of people can have folded napkin put on the chair, this kind handles way and do not have a fault, because napkin is put,had been left easily on the desk by misunderstanding banquet. Actually, optimal means is the one character that pins napkin with dish or knives, let it from desk edge lop, inside of dirty of course face of that one side ability is tasteful.

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