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When respecting tea make tea 8 minutes full
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Our country all through the ages has " the customer will respect tea " folk-custom. Be in early the 3000 many week day year ago, tea already was acted according to to be gift and articles of tribute. Arrive when two advance, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the socialization that the customer will come respect tea to had made human contact is formal. Yan Zhenqing " spring couplet of nocturnal sip tea sentence " in have " extensive flower is invited sit guest, acting drink brings Qing Yan " . Tang Dynasty Liu Zhenliang praises " tea has 10 mind " , think to drink tea besides but outside fitness, still can " express respect with tea " , " with tea Ke Yaxin " , " with tea feasible method " .

Current society, the customer will respect tea more become people the general come-and-go in daily socialization and domesticity is formal. Common saying says: Wine full tea half. The attention answers when acting according to tea: Tea does not want too full, with 8 minutes full advisable. Water is warm should not be too very hot, lest the guest is not careful by scald. When the caller that has two above, what with tea tray end goes out is dark brown want even, want left hand to boosting tea tray floor, the right hand is helping the margin of tea tray, if have tea mug-up, should put in west the front of the guest, the teacup should be placed in mug-up right. On tea should be carried with the right hand when tea, from the guest right act according to on, and the face brings a smile, the eye watchs opposite party.

When entertaining a guest with coffee or black tea, of cup ear and teaspoon grasp a handle to want forward the guest's right, should plan one Bao Sha candy and grandma choice for every guest in addition, put its beside the cup or on the saucer, convenient guest proper motion is taken with.

The environment that drinks tea is should quiet, quiet and tastefully laid out, clean, easy, let a person have happy-go-lucky feeling. Choose tea to also want because of the person different, if northerner likes drink fragrance tea, person of river short for Zhejiang Province likes the green tea of drink Qing Fen, person of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province likes the oolong of thick gloomy, Pu'er tea to wait. Tea service can be used elegant and distinctive, also can use Chinese hackberrya of brief simple substance.

Of course, the guest that drinks tea also wants with ceremony requital, both hands has been received, nod express one's thanks to. When tasting tea, pay attention to small mouth to taste drink, suffer from 2 Gan San aftertastes, its are clever the interest depends on sense and inexpressible. Additional, can praise master tea is good appropriately. The tea in crock can immerse repeatedly 3 come 4 times, drink of the tea in guest cup is used up, host can be its add tea, after the guest drops off, just can receive tea. Treasure Ou give a dinner of welcome makes tea is a family formal in a kind of when entertain a guest daily ceremony, also be a content that the society interacts, it is the esteem of pair of guests, friend not only, what also can reflect oneself is cultural.
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