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Cross-legged or with ankle on knee of Buddha child Mo Qiao
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Take " be like,sit bell " for, the monk sits on stool, the upper part of the body is erect, alvine adduction, mandible small music, two lower limbs and shoulder wide, both hands puts knee, change a position not gently changeably. Such sitting position has a few profit: The 1 , respect that shows pair of Buddha, also display the impressive manner of Buddha child; 2, say from physiology angle, this kind of sitting position, wait to be not pulled by exceeding as a result of ligament of lumbar  ministry, muscle pull, can make lumbar and even whole spinal column keep just so, and the energy that the body wastes is less also; 3, this also is a kind of physical ability takes exercise, be like lumbago patient, one day sits a few times so, also can yet be regarded as treats a method one kind.

So, I persuade to have become warped the lotus with abusive cross-legged or with ankle on knee is friendly people, at once awareness, change this one chronic from incomplete behavior, in order to protect lubricious body, more abundant energy carry on one's shoulder carries Buddha family property, where is what is there against it? !

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