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Notice answers before the guest attends the banquet
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1, receive after inviting, answer to inform fete host in time to whether attend the banquet, if attend the banquet whether can punctual. Should ask the detailed rules such as detailed address and time clear, should question invitation purpose, the guest circumstance that attends at the appointed time, move outfit requirement, with benefit precondition is perfected, do not make abruptness mistake.

2, body cleanness should maintain before attending the banquet, best bath and change clean and fit clothes, the personage with more dander should notice shampoo, the shoulder that always maintains jacket alertly does not have bits after ministry and neck. The most important and the matters concerned that often is ignored is to repair cut the vibrissa inside short nostril, make its are aware of hard. Should maintain oral cavity cleanness, should brush his teeth gargle, clean face, the public figure that has bad breath had better arrive beforehand tine of clean of oral cavity clinic, or with mouth of chewing gum clean. The public figure that has athlete's foot still should strive to wash a foot before attend the banquet, change clean shoe, insole and sock, be sure to keep in mind to not be in attend the banquet the circumstance takes off a shoe to take off socks. The public figure that has an underarm odour answers beforehand cleanness is very local, the talcum powder on besmear, avoid to perspire, can prepare to carry paper towel at the same time, toilet already arrived when equipment have dinner once more clean and local. Time is used the toilet beforehand as far as possible.

3, the dress that attend the banquet should the personage conform to with fete, should shun outlandish clothes, avoid to apparel too exposed garment is acted the role of, avoid to go up thick makeup and spray overmuch perfume, intense perfume odour is fulsome, its effect is just the opposite to what one wished.

4, if the body feels suddenly unwell, answer to cancel the decision that attend the banquet in time with master connection. If suffer from infectious disease to wait like hepatitis, should politely decline host none hesitantly invite, or attend buffet merely kind banquet.

5, should the children that avoid by all means carries the other friend that was not invited and him and spouse attend a party.

6, certain numerary ready money should be carried on the body, already had of help sb to deal with an emergency need.

7, the address that should inform him family to attend the banquet beforehand and roughly time, lest elder is mixed of other close people keep thinking about and worry.

8, if be to attend a dinner, must buy gift beforehand, cannot empty-handed attends the banquet. Gift can be bishop, flower, handicraft, the price of gift cannot too little, also should not be costly or beyond the mark and costly, unless guest have other fish to fry.

9, attend a banquet to should avoid to carry redundant article as far as possible, the article that the banquet just may think to carry by accident each is a gift and create awkward situation otherwise.
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