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Food is formal - do not insert chopstick vertical stroke on bowl basin
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When the have dinner in the home, if insert chopstick vertical stroke,filling the bowl that has food or on salver, often can get of the old person in the home prevent or berate, is this why? Use chopsticks so formal in this abstains from. China from very ancient when case, have with food the custom of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, when ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, consider the dead and living person are different, living person takes food with the chopstick very convenient, and the the dead already broke away from the body, only the soul waves You Zaiming bound, can freely the ground uses a chopstick no longer, so, ability vertical stroke inserts a chopstick above the bowl basin of oblation, and in everyday life if the chopstick vertical stroke is inserted in bowl or basin,go up, it is made abstain from.

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