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10 gist nod cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine
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One, filial piety foster parent

Buddhism is with filial piety this, filial piety foster parent is Buddhism is the biggest essential, also be to be an upright person the most fundamental important condition, just think still knows even the crow to feed back pay a debt of gratitude, if us cannot filial piety foster parent, be to connect birds and beasts to also be inferior to?

Parents is the biggest blessing field in our lifetime, the works that filial piety foster parent and filial piety raise Buddha is not had 2 without not, cannot filial piety foster parent is the mistake with the biggest life, disobedient person was also talk not to go to school the qualification of Buddha.

In addition, persuade parental letter to wish pray to Buddha, seek to live on the west, the bitter ability that always takes off metempsychosis life and death is most after all the most satisfactory filial piety path.

2, scrupulously and respectfully use up devoir

Life is worldly, everybody has the devoir that he should use up and responsibility, person learning Buddha ought to be entered hard in the essence on his working station, make the paradigmatic model of family, society, country, can filial parents, educational children, cherish a family, interest society, render service to repay kindness country, just be to learn Buddha person really, evaded the responsibility that oneself should use up, cannot scrupulously and respectfully use up devoir, wastefuling Yan Xuefo, it is to deceive oneself as well as others, learn Buddha to be accomplished impossibly somewhat.

3, believe cause and effect

The core of whole power of Buddha is ' ' of cause and effect 2 words, planted because be apt to musts fruit of be apt to, planted evil because must evil consequence, punitive justice, a bit accurate, not be not to sign up for, moment did not arrive. Person learning Buddha should believe cause and effect, it is division with Buddhist monastic discipline, meditate every day, mend his ways at any time.

In addition, person of pray to Buddha believes planted the be apt to of pray to Buddha because, must the fruit of be apt to of Buddha, this is most the most profound cause and effect.

4, Buddhist monastic discipline reduces abstain from eating meat

Person learning Buddha is become all evil not make, try hard all Babylon behavior to divide. And in all injustice, the injustice that eats the flesh raw in order to kill is the most serious, because all living creatures is the most precious, him no more than life, kill it to eat it, it most hate, complain enemy to written guarantee the most greatly, kill debt to kill a newspaper in the future, blood of a debt of blood is returned, evil consequence is most miserable intense, accordingly, all evil Mo Zunzhong kills abstain from eating meal to be with Buddhist monastic discipline urgent!

5, free captive animals helps

Person learning Buddha in public be apt to is pursued, any thing of be apt to, want organic meeting to should try hard to carry out only. And all beneficent in, free captive animals the first, because free captive animals is the behavior that saves emergency treatment life, deeds is the oldest, blame is other small kind can is likened to. And all living creatures is the most precious, him no more than life, put it to save it, it most appreciate, predestined relationship of be apt to writtens guarantee the most greatly, newspaper of be apt to of prospective blessing heart is the most mysterious, so, numerous be apt to is pursued in help with free captive animals for first!
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