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Before attending the banquet formal
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Before attend the banquet, must dress up oneself trimly easy, this is to belong to ceremony limits inside, the man attends the banquet simpler, as long as than ever much by meaning garment can. But the makeup before the woman attends the banquet problem, be about to take care some. The guest in the banquet is very much, female guest people put on luxuriant new clothes mostly, and radiant, you do not answer of course exceptional. Not be to encourage everybody to contend for beautiful to fight beautiful, however lowermost limit also should make his appearance is compared at ordinary times more a few more beautiful, this also is a kind of courtesy on socialization, not be for project oneself only. Remind you to make up slightly here the item that should notice:

The first, bathe first; Makeup the first pace, namely, thoroughly bath, the bilge cap-a-pie scour off. After bath, had better besmear with protective cutaneous cosmetic mix in arm, leg cervical on, brush divide evenly gently, lie on the bed to raise repose next, because you do not wish of course,make when the banquet the person finds you have little exhausted roll.

The 2nd, ladies want those who take care facial ministry to make up; Make up want shade moderate, if you have a piece of beautiful face opening, so light decorate, what can show you more is beautiful with decorous temperament. The program that all makeup should be finished in the home, because be in communal circumstance before making up before others is clodhopping.

The 3rd, notice hair and beard: Hair should beforehand abluent had combed. Men should shave beard clean, if have sufficient time, men should manage a hair, ladies if can go up beauty parlour do one's hair is better.

The 4th, illuminate to the mirror, after you put on ready dress, illuminate in front of systemic lens, look to still have the place of what misgivings. Additional, notice shoe is clean brightness even, the sock has a stink. In the home of some people, take the door or ascend a building to be about to shuck off shoe, change wear loafer, if the sock has peculiar smell, very awkward.

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