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How the identity that checkout just accords with you
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End in dining-room have dinner, how to expert greatly square ground checkout, leave your companion and service personnel a good impression, also be one of important meal ceremony. Say normally, when have dinner ending preparation leaves, want to use service personnel to pass the opportunity beside you, light tone calls out him, very polite tell him: "Help our checkout please. " if do not have a service temporarily,personnel approachs, might as well wait patiently more one, dichotomy bell.

Have a lot of people, have a meal, vegetable can take one, two hours, checkout one, 2 minutes impatient however, often all around did not serve personnel, raise door of a confusion of voices to cry buy sheet, or the hand holds bill, the command that moves high comes brandish goes. Have such reaction, because think oneself are consumer oneself,be, of course is OK so do. But, I must remind these friends a bit, sit in your table all around the guest of other desk, they also are consumer, if you roar aloud, the interest that affected someone else have dinner and quiet? Gone food settle accounts still has a bit to need to notice, that is the job of checkout, it is the man's patent absolutely. Although you are this,entertain guests by the lady, or everybody divides mem and women on average booth expenditure, the lady also should give money man, serve personnel checkout please by man action. This one habit is the basic regulation of meal, must not exceed, otherwise your relation and be present the profession that lady place pursues, can let a person have associate insalubriously. In addition, unless dining-room has special provision, otherwise generally speaking, buy sheet to should sit on him seat to buy. Because run,a money is drawn out to come before bar checkout, both neither is tasteful, also should not the regulation of dining-room ceremony.

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