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Buddhist ceremony - thing of classics repent law
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Change evil long be apt to is Buddhist and basic religious doctrine. Especially Mahayana, think life is by photograph of ages ago life and death then comes, will return beard classics henceforth countless unripe cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, so that become Buddha; Meantime is the mainest is to eliminate the injustice that builds in boundless disaster before, hair wish attend in a advanced studies of essence of life will go henceforth, never retreat turn. Accordingly, repair Xi Chanfa to make the indispensable travel instrument of big Cheng cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. The repent law with current all through the ages has two kinds: One kind is all classics place say market, the ceremony of confessional fault; One kind is to depend on 5 regret method, long be used to stops the travel mode of view.

The appearance of confessional fault criterion: According to " Tang Gaoseng passes · to promote good fortune piece theory " in be said, the earliest the apothecary act that is times of Liu the Song Dynasty. Ever since Xiao Ziliang of Qi Jingling king writes desolate " live completely child clean travel method " . Have to Liangdai " big square wide repent " . Bridge · Wu Diceng makes repent 2, " 6 big repent " , do not pass today; Another " 6 kind repent " , namely today alleged " law of compassionate path repent " , abbreviation " Liang Huang repent " . Border of reason bridge Chen Zhi, repent law is numerous promote, according to " An Hongming collect " carry: Have < the repent like Nie > < 6 repent > < kind be like repent > < King Kong repent > < law China repent > < golden light repent > etc.

Place has currently now " bridge emperor repent " , " repent of treasure of 10 thousand Buddha " and the Tang Dynasty · knows dark place to write " water repent " .

Bridge · Wudi writes part " law of repent of compassionate Taoist or Buddhish rites " , the reason is at that time the monk eats the meat, bridge fierce emperor calls together rabbi of capital city great mind, undertake arguing, basis " the classics like Nie " , " arris gal classics " wait, make eat the meat, make all monks 7 days repent. (see " An Hongming collect " ) . World false rumour is Liang Wu collect of seize of a Buddhist monk of Di Lingbao annals, in order to spend the queen fall be stranded at boa body. This is draw wrong conclusions by false analogy of person of the Song Dynasty talk, cannot believe. As to " water repent " write narrate, be handed down through generations knows the Chao Cuo that black preexistence is Chinese generation, by accident behead full, because this shows a body to have person face wound, painful and unusual. Via surprise person directive, write this repent law, with bath wash, the 2 bad luck that get solution heal disease. This is Song Ren's draw wrong conclusions by false analogy. Study its written language, solid it is what Zong Mi writes excerpt " the circle becomes aware classics Taoist or Buddhish rites repairs card repent " and into, be not know Xuan Zizhuan.
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