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Buddhist ceremony - fundamental law is met
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In the Buddhist ceremony that holds in fane, should with [terraqueous law is met] for the royalest, with [blaze mouth is applied feed] for most often, next, [fast day] and [free captive animals] often also hold.

[terraqueous law meets] :

Full name is [every of law group emperor is terraqueous general spends old room or building to get the better of meeting] . What terraqueous law meets is virgin, because the inspiration of divine monk is gotten in the dream,according to legend is bridge fierce emperor, treasure annals a Buddhist monk suffers after waking give advice or comments, personally classics of Tibet of open and read 3 years long, just write this appearance article. Yu Tianjian 4 years (505) repair according to appearance in golden hill temple set. But hind turmoil of classics week the Sui Dynasty, this appearance is no good.

Songdai begins the be current that terraqueous law meets. In Song Xi peace (1068 - 1077) , ancestor of the blade of a sword narrates Dong Chuanyang old appearance of Liang Wu, write " terraqueous appearance " , at that time be current at the world. Yuan bless 8 years (1173) , su Shi to die family name of wife the Song Dynasty sets terraqueous Taoist or Buddhish rites, write terraqueous law assist 16, the hill is eyebrow because of saying is terraqueous. (be done everywhere today in world picture has one Ji each, passing is what Su Shi writes namely) . The Southern Song Dynasty year, annals huge rock add is become " new instrument " 6... .

In yuan bright when also attach most importance to very to terraqueous Buddhist ceremony inspect. Bright · individual plant grand because of golden hill temple this around heterogeneous, disappear from beginning to end main threads of an affair, yi Fu of the person that the monk goes when is optional each different, take course of appearance of annals huge rock to add emend again therefore, become " course of appearance of terraqueous Xiu Zhai " 6. View of clear · an ancient measure of length is written " every of law group emperor is terraqueous a well-rounded argument of photograph of sex of Taoist or Buddhish rites of benefit of general of old room or building " 9, " every of law group emperor is terraqueous law of old room or building annulus treasure repent " 10.

Basis as above in light of state of affairs of development of terraqueous Buddhist ceremony, terraqueous appearance article is Song Ren is achieved write.

Terraqueous law can be the Tang Dynasty when 6 Ci Chanxiang that the dark course that · teachs closely does not have block old room or building and bridge · Wu Di are united in wedlock and development rises. Arrived Yang E of acting · of the Song Dynasty was used again teach appearance closely course and write " terraqueous appearance " . Ming Lianchi (individual plant grand) the Great Master disrelishs golden hill temple already this main threads of an affair is mixed and disorderly, visible former virgin may not is the hand that stems from a home. This both neither passes golden hill temple now, take an examination ofing of have no way knows its content. Anyhow, terraqueous law can be a kind of Buddhist ceremony that Dai Chengxing of the Song Dynasty rises, can say or state with certainty.
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