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What is buddhist
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Above all I want to tell you, buddhist is not knowledge namely, knowledge does not leave buddhist; Buddhist is not religion namely, religious effect, can obtain from buddhist; Buddhist is not philosophy, philosophy cannot surmount the domain of buddhist however; Buddhist is not science, science weighs the spirit of actual, heavy experience, yi Zheng is the requirement of buddhist. Ask you not to explore the content of buddhist with curious psychology so, because buddhist is not one picket new thing, since since having space and time, in the space that buddhist alls over infinity of ground consist in with respect to general and the time that grow indefinitely.

Buddhist since is general and lasting existence, so anybody of its not need imparts; Must want to impart, it is the method that how experiences this buddhist personally just.

Somebody is buddhist misunderstanding a kind of mysterious experience, perhaps think to be able to pass through the experience of buddhist and obtain numinous capability. Of course, from inside the process building practice of sit in meditation, the likelihood makes you are on the feeling of physiology and psychology, produce a variety of curious phenomena, in the practice that also can integrate from body and mind, achieve will control with mental efforts or transform the purpose of external object. These are regarded as the phenomenon of religious miracle, not be the purpose that learns sit in meditation. Because of these phenomena, can give a person a kind of curiosity and megalomaniac satisfaction only, the problem in life of insoluble people reality. Buddhist is from problem have sth in mind, do not begin from the conquer of external social environment and environment first, make from the proper understanding to ego first however, what is the ego that knew you when you when, also disappeared at the same time this ego that you think now. The new knowledge of this self concept, we say it is realized to leave, perhaps call see a gender, this is what solve real problem thoroughly for you is germinant. As a result you can discover, your individual and entire reality are a whole, should be not being broken up also is impartible cut. Yourself has drawback, just see the environment has drawback, be like the mirror with uneven one side, inside catoptric is video also be screwy, give the moon that come like the report on lumpy surface again, also be not complete, not halcyon same. If lens face is of smooth level off, surface is calm word, in lens video, the moon in water, the aesthetic feeling that can make if the poem is picturesque,you arise. So, what see human place experience from the footing of buddhist is pungent with misfortune, advocate because be absent of our located this world environment abominable, more be absent the dreariness of human society, depend on failing to understand the nature of ego therefore.

So, the method of buddhist is not directive our escapism, not be to teach us to learning Australia ostrich more in that way, receive the line of sight that makes alert to the enemy, tibet goes in clay, think all problems were solved. Because buddhist is not the idealism of autohypnosis type person. The time that uses buddhist can eliminate ego, not only selfish small I can be eliminated, and get on philosophy be called the truth and noumenal big I also should be eliminated, that just is absolute freedom. Accordingly, a successful buddhist person, won't feel all sorts of responsibility is a burden, the condition that also won't feel to live is the pressure to people; He feels to produce the energy of life never-endingly only, it is the token of absolute freedom. So the life of buddhist is normal necessarily, and be active; It is happy, and be optimistic. The reason is, the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of buddhist is to give you continuous the ground provides a means, develop the treasure of your wisdom, development is deeper, gotten wisdom is taller, to finally, quan Yuzhou's wisdom is you all. Look in you in those days, include all spaces and time, without the limits that does not observe in your wisdom in. At this moment wisdom is become namely absolutely, since is absolutely, connect wisdom this noun also not need. To this degree, make the ego of your careerism ascendancy, perhaps escape the ego of pinch hardships and dangers, disappeared admittedly; Even if be the wisdom that can make this ego disappears, to you, also be needless idea.
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