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Science is pair of fixed objects, have methodical knowledge. It is to consider to go to the lavatory, from inside cosmic whole factitious ground differentiates to give for a certain number of segments those who narrate. Did not isolate the pure physics that keeps there is no relations each other alone, simple chemistry, pure maths waits a phenomenon a moment absolutely in fact, however complex combination is together, can not part completely. For instance with " one " this number is exemple, arrive besides connection specific thing, will show with the method such as a piece of an an ox, tree, table, from where to search reach specific lone " one " come? Accordingly, although science is the knowledge that belongs to the mankind to be cut truly quite, but inside intellectual system, it is not integral sex, not be substaintial sex. Along with was not the range that involves scientificly far, and a few problems that produce be closely bound up with the mankind, for example, is life valuable worthless still? Is life worth the great purpose of pursuit? Whether life is protein or other material be covert or to have source additionally? Assure of moral act where to finally? What is cosmic essence? The universe has eternity, have final a home to return to? Etc, these get the result hard in the lab, for scientific method place hard of arrange hand. And people is on thought feeling, ask to a whereabouts ability gets again on cultural life -- even if be temporary,comfort, this must abdicate gives philosophy. Philosophical research cannot overlook the basics that scientific achievement concludes according to thinking admittedly, but philosophical breakthrough is spatio-temporal, contented casting every phenomenon, balance heart thing, investigate extremely the course of day person, have blame science can limits, have an effect that examine and inspires to science constantly instead, this has a historical fact to be able to prove. But philosophy is equal at science, what go likewise is the road of apt reason, it is abide is worn the activity of logistic thinking, expectation is right scientific place hard the problem of arrange hand, cooperate to rise get a few solve. "Know to know, do not know to be do not know " , not arbitrary not implicit also, at its place does not know, peaceful Fu Que if. Show the mankind to be on philosophy consequently the achievement of earning, said to solve what problem with its, would rather say to raise some of question merely just. Religious criterion otherwise, it learns roughly on the eye shot of the problem with Yu Zhe, different is, it is not only demand at theory, not be a few hypothesis that put forward from oneself turn evidence according to be being deduced with Baconian analysis, rely on the person that become aware first however -- the direct experience of hierarch and homiletic, the practice that depend on, again confirm is mixed with his intuitionistic, belief direct experience, achieve telepathy. It is another way that take. Natural, in religion alleged solve, can not get what go up scientificly admit certainly. But stem from by tens of thousands the direct experience that the pattern gains of person basis religion goes to, from this and on gotten idea comfort, also can not deny easily, perhaps contain is worn new wisdom source. Religion and other thing are historical child euqally, have the process that its arise and kills. Nevertheless, its eliminate, sure the problem that depends on them putting forward, after getting be settlemented thoroughly, and in those days perhaps is the big join forces that goes up in the truth with scientific philosophy, different road and returned together. According to the individual's experience, the religious policy that this perhaps is a party is one of meanings that long-term is not expedient. Absolutely cannot the eye that up to looks, simple see religion in order to have blind faith in blindly, feel very easy the ground is OK brushstroke religious write off, this ability is genuine " spiritualistic " .

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