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The basic connotation of buddhist
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What is buddhist? Its basic connotation, namely " seeing " add " sufferring " what is " seeing " ? We are general the person's opinion, often cannot leave bias. Alleged bias, namely by self-awareness, subjective erroneous hold the opinion that delivers. Seeing is true, proper understanding. See the thing with any real flatter oneself, that is dazed only. Seeing won't see with true and opposite aught, what can see the universe is exclusive only is true, namely oneself, is not others.

What is " sufferring " ? Have two kinds of explanations, one is true benefit from, mortify all one's life, without true benefit from, trouble still is in pester, evil thought is born via Chang Meng, bad luck knot still was not solved, that does not have true benefit from namely, was not repaired in vain! Cultivated have results, effort will be successful, xiu Xuezheng law did not get true benefit from, do not treat unjustly? Buddhist has true benefit from, sufferring, not be buddhist. The meaning that sufferring divides true benefit from, experience correctly namely additionally. What is wrong feeling? Agree with when anything crops up, pleasant to see is all true, it is commonsensible feeling. This is right also, but this does not wait for Yu Zhengjian, also not be correct experience, with respect to buddhist person, just be by " see take " the illusion of derive just. Everything misses people, everything reacts, those who cannot leave ego is luscious, this deviated from true. True sufferring, be like " disease course song " be said: "Often go alone, constant alone pace " act independently. Everybody won't be misunderstood, go alone alone the pace is to moor desolate place outside of town, the place that does not have a person goes taking a walk, want you to go alone to Xi Mending however alone pace, in the person crowded person's bustling phenomenon falls, had taken a market, be like a person to act independently, was not allowed why to be disturbed, just little split phase answers. The faze unreal photograph that this proves to you are in external had been agreed with no longer. Why to say it is unreal photograph? Because it is truthless. In this macrocosm, without the existence with actual what. Our person is accumulation of six atomic cells, atom is material the mainest unit, you part electron, proton, neutron, you discover whats are done not have, what this confirmed Buddha is great, "Genesis sex is empty " , "Predestined relationship place lays a law, I say is empty namely " . The predestined relationship is a condition, a kind of original motive force, add must condition, form, achieve gave birth to new thing, when the condition leaves, this thing is nonexistent also. We this house, be by reinforcing steel bar, cement, cobble, timber, artificial... wait a condition a moment to form, once obtain these conditions, the thing that is called a house without what. Still can disappear even the earth finally, aerification, "Alleged world is not firm " , it is insecure.

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