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The definition of buddhist
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Common and general the concept to buddhist word, be by because arrive of fruit, namely from because of fruit of card of the gradational down to that build practice becomes Buddha, it is a kind of method that repairs gradually. The concept of Zen is not such, he is a kind blunt " the straight fruit that show Buddha " method, alleged " see see, draw up is differred namely " . Actually, "If really already card arrives " , criterion " because of " was solved at the same time, call satori buddhist so. The definition of satori buddhist is: "Do not establish a character, point to popular feeling continuously, see the gender becomes Buddha. " why does otherwise establish a character to point to popular feeling continuously? The character is a kind of anonym, beard course thought just can be conveyed next come out, can be a kind of indirect thing only so, "Open-armed noumenon " (namely Buddha sex also renown from the gender) be most investigate extremely honest, its state is not thought experience to be able to be achieved, indirect literal language nature cannot describe performance, reason Shi Jia ever said: "49 years of my views, have not is saying one word. " say again: "Repair much Luo Jiao, if bid month points to, if answer see a month, mark knowing place, be not a month after all. " language character, if indicate the finger that the moon is in, but this finger is not a moon, it is indirect thing, although indirect directive also is to achieve noumenal a kind of method, but did not indicate in that way straight victory directly eventually, and pass to later, some unexpectedly misdeem finger is a moon, because the direct method of this satori Zen should be worn,ask actually and arise, and greatly develop to come. But " do not establish a character " , not be the meaning of absolutely disdain character, the value that literal wisdom knows, still be Zen the founder of a school of learning people be taken seriously, bodhi is amounted to rub namely with " arris gal classics " learn after confirm.

According to legend " world honour is met in clever hill on, pick up beautiful publicly expose, numerous all not arrange, break into a smile of alone Jia leaf smiles. World honour cloud: ' I has execute eye Tibet, nie 槃 clever heart, real phase is not had, delicate method, do not establish a character, outside teaching, do not pass, pay enjoin Ma Hejia the part of a historical period, ' " the basis that self-invited Zen is the direct means that sends a heart with the heart with this matter. But the classics that the big Tibet previously receives is talked do not remember this matter, sui Tang's great master also reticent this matter person, king of face of the Song Dynasty installs stone character this matter to go out " Wang Wenfo of big Buddhist day definitely doubt classics " , this classics hides at inside government office, outer room is not passed, it is concoctive that so somebody suspects those who come out. The government office inside this by is poured out of later, in classics of income add Tibet, suspicion in one's mind is satisfied commentate. But Gou Mo discusses this matter of this classics have without, in fact bodhi is amounted to rub the buddhist law that passes, it is really with " do not establish a character, point to popular feeling continuously, see the gender becomes Buddha " be a tenet. This kind represents the means of Buddha sex directly, the person that Shi Jia sees all application not merely, be like " world honour shows the Manizhu that follow expression to ask 5 Fang Tian king: ' this bead make why color ' . When 5 days king, each other says contamination of waste enamel, world honour hides bead, answer carry the hand says: ' this bead why color ' ? Day king says: ' do not have in fingered citron bead, where coloured ' ? World honour says: ' why you confuse very, my Jiang Shizhu show, say by force to have white of blue yellow red, I shows pearly layer, always do not know. ' when all of 5 days king is realized oneself " . (Piece " collection pointing to a month " ) " world honour because outside path ask: ' pay no attention to have talk, pay no attention to reticent ' . A long time of world honour silent, outside sigh: ' world honour infinitely merciful, open me to confuse the cloud, make me must be entered ' , make a gift and go. A asks hard to outside Buddha why truth, praise and go. World honour says: ' the horse of fine breed that be like a world, shadow seeing whip goes ' . " Tibetan bead carries hand and silent a long time, all be to show open-armed noumenal method continuously, careless no matter " pick up beautiful publicly expose " first whether historicity, but this kind of method often is applied for Shi Jia place, in order to guide hind learn, be the leeway that did not suspect.
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