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Outside teaching, do not pass teach namely inside pass really
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Zen flaunts " outside teaching, do not pass, do not establish a character " , with saying with place of classics teaching character photograph of power of Buddha is distinguished. The different that this says straight agree source, Du Mingxin ground from literal character from outstanding buddhist surpasses a point for, it is beyond the mark to be not had. Zen initial stage, chinese Buddhism still lies to be arranged to Indian Buddha allusion, the phase of research, of argumentation of a speech or essay learn in the ascendant, the person that Xi Chanxiu is decided all repairs one after another to stop according to classics teaching view, later weather station, 3 theory, virtuous head, Cien Zhu Jiaozong goes out, all also weigh the play in argumentation of a speech or essay, long learn still abide Wen Saixiu thoroughfares. Zen tall tree teachs a law suddenly, show popular feeling sees the gender becomes Buddha continuously, truly open a new scope of operation at be being fastened outside Zhu Jiaozong. Power of Buddha of much cent of reason later ages falls to teach, ancestor below 2 flow greatly, entirely different, not allow promiscuous. Many Zongmen the founder of a school of learning, pester ligature to make learn what the person casts off literal kudzu, true ginseng fact is realized, emphasize devoir thing be absent more classics teaching character, must not learn a person to read teach via looking, already the person that stimulate the menstrual flow teachs also is needed when joining deep meditation know all characters solution to be cast to beyond the highest heavens, and even if complain the home,inspect classics teaching, denounce 3 Tibet are book of ghosts and gods 12 times, wipe paper of wart of sore of ungodliness paper, mop, this waits for overcorrect demit, a person with a discerning eye from not difficult get behind, without wisdom person however wrong solution of persistence of hard to avoid, turn over medicine to be disease, think ancestor it is absolutely below door teaching 2, identify ginseng thread of discourse to be only after all power of Buddha, despise 3 Tibet to teach allusion to repair learn a system, with " outside teaching, do not pass " be illogical to conceal the cover of classics teaching, be born thereby a lot of evil knows unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to see, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease solves evil deeds, bury power of Buddha true justice. Nearsighted person because of,turn over " outside teaching, do not pass " and doubt Zen is not power of Buddha, and even the development develop that says to be Taoist school, Confucianism, make " outside teaching, do not pass " have greatly turn into " do not pass outside the path " suffer from.

In the light of place is not passed to lay the corrupt practice that leaves classics apostasy outside emphasizing teaching, buddhist door is not little great mind force initiate teachs, buddhist is consistent, buddhist does not leave religion, must depend on teach and join, according to teach confirm. Intelligent can cloud of Hui Zhongguo division of the Nanyang below the door: "Zen law person, should multiply according to Budda justice, the agree takes source a person's mind, turn to impart, be the same as with Buddha path. Must not depend on cannot reach at absurd affection justice teach a horizontal stroke to make view, doubt by accident hind learn, all does not have an interest. The vertical artisan that depend on division is accept black aim, if with justice teach corresponding, can depend on row, cannot be like justice religion, each other is not made. " the god meets cloud of a Buddhist monk: "If learn kind if pineapple is sweet, the beard is wide read Mahayana ¨ of classical ¨ ¨ the first Mo Yi, according to Buddha language. " later Shuang Chengxian head, a Buddhist monk of pass Zongmi of peak of an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions of Zen, write especially " collect of buddhist source Zhu Quan foreword " wait for be in harmony to connect buddhist and religion, in order to teach below 3 say 3 to match buddhist door, emphasize " the person that pass buddhist allows with be via talking surely " . Zhe Yongming of be a comprehensive expression of of Tang Dynasty Buddhism delays birthday a Buddhist monk, be pushed to be by Qing Yongzheng emperor intelligent can hind knowledge of the biggest be apt to, lifetime force advocate buddhist, teach not 2. 10 thousand be apt to repair initiate together, institute part is written " Zong Jinglu " monumental work, it is with of one mind ancestor, all all religious manage and buddhist at consistent. Bright generation dignitary is violet cypress, hill of foolish hill, beneficial of lotus pool, lotus root, rich, although all lucid buddhist closes, and force advocate buddhist, teach not 2.  is violet cypress " French " say: "Issue the person that learn Buddha today, must discharge go character, one exceed enter Buddha ground continuously, mark is high, I fears drawing cake cannot allay one's hunger also. The view must be connected first be like like the character, a view illuminate kind if, only then can engrave be like like can real phase. Lotus pool " classics of · of bamboo window essay teachs " the cloud: "The person that its join deep meditation, do not pass outside cover teaching, knowing to leave the person that teach and join is unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is realized also. Rao Ru is joined and must realize, also need in order to teach confirm, not with religion close, all evil also " . The person that emphasize everything learning Buddha " it is model 12 times with 3 Tibet surely " . Foolish hill " ginseng buddhist cuts should " the cloud: "Although buddhist teachs outside do not pass, actually in order to teach confirm, fang Jianfo, ancestor do not have two also " . Rich hill (yuan come) " religion answers noisy " the cloud: "Outside teaching if really, have be passed? Zong Naijiao's key link, jiao Naizong's eye " . Call ancestor, teach reach the same goal by different routes, denounce with ancestor curb teachs in order to teach curb an administrative unit in Xizang person the person that it is demon, lotus root beneficial " outside teaching, do not pass, teach namely inside pass really " (" Ling Fengzong is talked " roll 4 " the New Year's Eve answers question " ) one language, clew buddhist teachs a relation most marked, among them deep justice, drag in buddhist and taught essence, be not the person that connect 2 greatly, speak hard. Spread out slightly today and talk, teach partaker in order to offer unidentified buddhist reference.
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