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The main drive of buddhist
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We tell buddhist now, namely does main drive of Zong Menchan where? The main drive of buddhist, not be to become Buddha to make ancestor, respect oneself however. It is to be realized oneself self-educated, from the path that become Buddha, in order to finish the arousal of life, not only it is power of Buddha so requirement, connecting god also is so of the requirement. Buddhist exceeds religion, we need not abstain from what, if had read Bible of the Old Testament, a lot of places are reminding " you should regain consciousness! You do not sleep! " does everybody notice these aphorism? That teachs you arousal namely. Because National People's Congress likes day dream more, it is rarely " Pure Brightness is in bend forward " , so ability can be lost. Average person even if was not in painstakingly cranky, also often by not not self-conscious, own thought institute convolute, that daydreams namely. Person must from these perplexed in arousal, pure Brightness is in bend forward the heart country that the landlord slaughters him, just do not incur loss, ability holds his life way correctly, was far from otherwise seeing, seeing, where can you have sufferring? To the person that was not getting, a kind of penalty that lives to form opposite life, sufferred. Such people can live helplessly, breathe out even sometimes the day does not have a road. Buddhist is the compassionate method that the heart relieves, accepted buddhist, your heart can get freeing oneself, disentomb, establish originally true I, you won't have trouble again, produce ignorant opinion impossibly also. If say you can win the eternity of life finally, also not be absolutely " yellow Xie Zhiti " , however absolutely and true. Why to want to disentomb? Because of our true ego, namely our originally heart, already was dirtied by the blame of 6 dirt be surrounded, bury, if you not this by see the bilge take out that takes 6 dirt place to accumulate, you that originally open-armed -- be like like Ma He, cannot come forward, always bury, cannot deliver syrup, true by bury alive. Wait for that to you send disinter and affirm you true, originally I, by cherish shield and sustain and protect allow to not have break, can grow healthy and strong, the help sb to attain his aim of the anthropomorphize of down to law, namely " important matter finish " -- the mission that fulfilled life satisfactorily.

Buddha says " without me " , it is to say to do not have consciousness of your this surface layer to take photograph dacron respectively originally false I, did not part originally heart, be not without this heart -- namely life " true colors " big I am true I. Buddha is so final when Nie huge rock, designation goes out " constant, happy, I, clean " . Constant -- lasting, I -- self-conscious, clean -- from dirty, happy -- from trouble. This is the satisfactory a home to return to that learns Buddha to become Buddha -- the eternity of life. But you want yourself to be developed from inside dirty of course of study first certainly, next him establish, affirm oneself, purify oneself, promote oneself, next ability self-realization -- the casting of be in harmony of body of the law that finish.
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