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Buddhist is the former state of the heart, of life in all photograph, lasting ph
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What is buddhist after all? When the Tai Nachan a few years ago learns to hold water, I ever had said: "The former state that buddhist is a heart " , " buddhist is life in all photograph, lasting photograph " . Without the course 6 6 dirt are opposite condition, absorb 6 dirt before pollution originally state of mind, tell on sutra namely " this heart " . What is buddhist? Buddhist is Buddha. What is Buddha? Buddha is Buddha. What is Buddha? Buddha is if original. Restore your state of mind to parents not before one's death when original state of mind, break of your meeting instantly like that, more without doubtful. After we understand this to nod, we can be sure buddhist is true, it is self-conscious. So we so tell, right incorrect? Incorrect. You say " what be, have certainly ' blame ' what, buddhist is one law do not stand " ; You say what life in all the former state of photograph, heart, language avoid 10 into, leaked completely bottom! Say really, even if leaked bottom, also hit do not defeat bucket of your this lacquer. What makes the former appearance of the heart? What makes life in all? Said to be equal to did not say. Repeat again today so, what is buddhist? "The lasting photograph that buddhist is life " , lasting photograph is not had namely only then without eventually, not unripe eternal, eternal life.

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