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The generation of buddhist law is the requirement of human nature
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Primitive mankind, muddy shocking is stupid, its kind if wisdom is,obstruct without bright place, its intelligence of animals is completely 5 accumulate 3 poison are controlled, spend its cruel life, but the Buddha sex that its have originally, provide satisfactorily sufficient, be like contain the precious mineral products in layer, remain only at development just. Wisdom knowledge leaves gradually later, only then produce a variety of amazed and doubt to outside phenomenon, satisfy the purpose that generation goes after cosmic mystery and tries to explain; Second beg instead therefore from the heart, and the basis that is about to find out its to fluctuate to be not resided; It is the force that wisdom is about to be like like wherewith finally, beg can card is entered at most investigate extremely in noumenon, surmount at metempsychosis life and death besides, namely alleged " bright heart sees the gender becomes Buddha " be also.

History of evolution of check world mankind, each nation with thing foreign the earliest become civilized, its forefathers ever all had this kind of demand, have precious creation each, like that Yinjizhi the great disparity of intelligent environment, the approach that reason place takes is different, the result that its obtain is satisfied abhorrent, the person that have the place that wanders at the feeling, have the person that transcend sensory boundary and did not enter noumenon, alone Shi Jia uses the buddhist method that its place achieves oneself, break without only then without bright, complete card is realized, enter at having leakage Nie 槃 , when when its card of suddenly see the whole thing in a clear light realizes Buddha fruit, sigh: "Strange, do not have one all living creatures and not photograph of heart of all Buddha wisdom, but with covet reverse persistence, and not card is gotten. And not card is gotten..
Visible Buddha sex is original omnipresent, all all living creatures all have Buddha sex, all can become Buddha. And the natural requirement that the generation of buddhist law is the mankind to be about to achieve Buddha. "Buddha " the meaning of two words, be " original and such " , because Buddha sex and buddhist law are original between consist in universe, do not all over without place, satisfactory and off-the-peg, magical function constant is sanded, be like Shi Jia constant with " Buddha " noumenon of sex of Buddha of two words delegate and its magical function. Dan Wei has the person that kind card is entered, just can understand the real value of the meaning of this two words and buddhist law thoroughly.

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