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3 phase of sit in meditation
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Current, the method of sit in meditation that I teach in the United States, divide a level in all:

The first phase: Admire of male of Nao of capture of mace of  of stalk of ⒄ of Mu of male of Nao of glue steamed bun] ? to body respect we are paid attention to travel, sit, all sorts of station, lying postural set an example and correct. At the same time the professor goes, sit, station, lie the gymnastical method of all sorts of motion, of the gem gal that is integrated India and China guide bring, agree with into oneself fitness of sit in meditation, conduce to the athletic method of effect of sit in meditation. So, a sit in meditation and the person that has a certain number of effects, his body is perfect necessarily and can endure hardship hardily. To psychological respect, of the mood such as slack of the be agitated that we pay attention to a person, suspicious, anxious, scared, volition eliminate, make build self-confident, decisive, hopeful, halcyon the sentiment with stability.

A good student, in us here got on 5 classes to come more than 10 classes, achievable the first phase, and two kinds of when can get as above distinct effects. So we have a student to say in its report: "I feel sit in meditation reachs additional and better person to have use extremely to me, we no matter as a result of the profession gender or chronic, about the same the person that every minutes of every second is using a brain, sit in meditation is very comfortable really, one kind when need very much rests and adjust, although do not have more ambitious mainer goal, mere this, sit in meditation has been cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of a kind of worthiness. " when I attend the first class to each student, always want to ask them each person, what is the purpose that will learn sit in meditation! The hope acquires an interest in body respect, is curb to hope to be begged in psychological respect take a help? Great majority is to seek a help and learn buddhist in psychological respect. See the people that lives in American society now, it is under the intense stimulation of real environment and extrusion, nerve is het-up, the mentality that has a lot of people lost a balance, besides arrive badly should go consulting mental division besides the doctor, they learn sit in meditation. I have student of a woman, she is some the instructor with famous very outstanding university, the first time see me, ask I can give her a help, remove for her the mood of nervous uneasiness, I say this to learning the person of sit in meditation word, be too easy thing. After as a result she was attending a class, feel sit in meditation is one old debt to her life.

The method of this the first phase is very simple, basically be the muscle that makes you loosen the whole body and nerve, on the method that acquires attention at you centrally, because muscle and nerval are nervous, the relation is worn the activity of your brains, how to reduce the negative charge of your cerebral ministry, it is crucial place. When the vain hope that becomes you and distracting thoughts decrease gradually, your cerebral ministry can get gradually rest, cerebral ministry is less and less to haemal demand, have more blood, shed the whole body. At the same time as a result of the primary on purpose with your head relaxed ministry, systemic muscle also was loosened, consequently blood-vessel magnifies, the whole body feels comfortable, mental nature feels bright and clear, the reaction of brains is natural also more lively and relaxed.
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