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Of buddhist long holding essentials is to not have read aloud, without photograp
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What is buddhist? Repair with respect to it hold essentials to tell, namely " 6 Zu Tan classics " tell " without read aloud, without photograph, do not have " . Without read aloud, it is the heart leaves taste, accept or reject, abhor love, be far from all coming from " shadow of the past predestined relationship " read aloud respectively, and rather than is abandoned reading aloud, Zheng Saiwei. Without, not be negative and explicit all work looks, however the heart is not become to part by explicit thing drawing, edify the material that miss, instantly leaves namely, do not leave a mark. Do not have, it is not to let a heart stay in any place, generation is persistent, read aloud rise to become aware namely, become aware forget namely, lively without catch. Without read aloud, without photograph, do not have, trinitarian, face everything in daily life with this kind of state of mind, perserve, seeing can stand, sufferring also can deepen.

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