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Of zen and metaphysics not
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Average person often misunderstands zen namely the metaphysics in western philosophy, actually otherwise, because metaphysics is to explain 10 thousand have noumenal knowledge, and " buddhist law " it is card is entered 10 thousand have noumenal method, although metaphysics attempts to explain 10 thousand have reality, but did not enter noumenon from beginning to end because of investigator oneself, cannot recognize this reality truly eventually so and make reach satisfactory solution thoroughly, fine is not Sai Wei experience to amount to because of this noumenon fact, be like " the circle becomes aware classics " place character, "In order to consider state of Buddha of alone heart estimate, if take firebug fire to need cover hill in order to burn, cannot wear eventually " . Be like again 6 of Zu Huineng place can character: "All 3 multiply the person that cannot measure Buddha wisdom, suffer from in magnanimity also, rao Yi uses up his to think of alone, turn add dangerous far. Turn add dangerous far..

The method that join deep meditation did not introduce West formally from beginning to end, reason West scholar the real problem to surmounting experience, also inextricability from beginning to end. Some scholars are like health heart and his like, satisfy the wisdom knowledge competence with humanness, can know the opposite world that feels thinking only, to very surmounted noumenon world, try hard anyhow, cannot know eventually. Some thinks to not have unexpectedly answer of research necessary, and move its force at scientific aspect. But most scholar, in still identifying philosophical system, cannot lack metaphysical research, nevertheless not answer the target that studies for its with the noumenon of extraordinary, the problem that is its canvass with the principle with basic thing only just. Friend can say to only opposite noumenon is talked and be talked without absolutely noumenon in this West philosophy. Come thousands of years western scholar all goes up to experience thinking husband of charge for the making of sth. , not only the noumenon that jumps over without card unfavorable balance of trade, and consider to leave noumenon further more, it is OK that its reason lacks a kind namely the cause that card enters noumenal method.

Joining deep meditation is not to rely on intuition, intuition does not give cranial nerve effect therefore, cranial nerve cannot know Buddha sex, in Greek ancient time, surmounted noumenal metaphysics, solid did not see Yu Sai considers a group, the scholar does not live the matter with respect to experience in, choose its the most essential person, the cause that treats everythings on earth just, investigating source of everythings on earth with thinking experience when Greek philosopher when, shi Jia already sat in the through 49 days time on snow mountain, invented the noumenal method that direct evidence unfavorable balance of trade jumps over, what see plan of thing modern mind differ hereat is gigantic, experience more than 2000 years even with heretofore day, western philosopher still does not have the discovery such as this, so buddhist law of Shi Jia, solid mankind thought history on one the biggest invention, its value fact estimates hard. Shi Jia invents buddhist law to already counted chiliad, card is gotten because of writing this law to enter noumenon among (see the gender becomes Buddha namely) person countless, in Chinese respect, its see all biographies (be like " the collection that send the light " , " collection pointing to a month " ) waiting for a book, the person that fasten card to enter noumenon truly does not have Lv thousands of person, this is Buddhist place but pretentious at the world person.
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