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Buddhism is in the position in religion
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In religion buddhism has his again special status, that is it stand in atheistic respect. Buddhism thinks the thing is mutual comply with " this has friend the other party, those of this without reason is not had " . Unique, the god that creates works of God is nonexistent (here just introduces Buddhist distinguishing feature, without the meaning) that inflectional friend teachs. Because this advocates individual or collective destiny,rely on individual and collective and respective effort to master only. This must take the objectivity of the law of causation seriously, must advocate sensible, with period the way that correctly option should take, the way of effort, besides strengthen hear, think of, long, buddhist monastic discipline, calm, intelligent learn, more want " make still further progress " , ask to exceed logistic thinking " pick up the flower laughs " -- realize.

Belong to in religion to can understand buddhism more " atheistic " , with it " industry strength says " , tell a few more to this matter. Buddhism advocates all law predestined relationships are strange, think on the world absolutely the thing with isolated neither one, it is fall in certain condition and be formed or eliminate, 10 thousand laws are equal, interact namely each other is genesis. Absolutely neither one the thing with special what, stem from everythings on earth absolutely over and control everythings on earth. If have the god, also have us at the same time, also have everythings on earth, buddha is to build there just is Buddha on foundation of all living creatures but of character. Give abyss of misery to save degree of all living creatures, exceed life and death, the 3 bodies that start kind to carry Bei just has Buddha 4 wisdom. Buddha is because of saving degree of all living creatures round card bodhi, if do not have all living creatures, the Zhi De of Buddha cannot arise. Because this is Buddhist although be religion, but it is " atheistic " . Although buddhism is in classical in the statement that also involves ghosts and gods, but think alleged those are magical, as us, good stand or fall is bad differ, no more than is to depend on its the good and evil of be apt to of the doing is evil and the relative superiority or inferiority that decides its position. So we also can make a mind, we can trim avalokitesvara a term applied to a kindhearted person, with avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, get a person to be not repaired without nobility of which one honour Buddha, see us hard, effort all can become Buddha. Buddhist not only view everybody can become Buddha, advocate all things are in genesis then, know and ought to be existed severally by understanding, some Mahayana are so classical advocate even " all of callosity having feeling all becomes Buddha " . " Nie 槃 classics " go up even if affirmed so, think everybody can become Buddha, and alleged " god " so not curious also. Cite one legal case: Tang Dynasty has one bonze so-called " broken kitchen sink " , there is one kitchen god on the hill that allegedly they stay in very effective, a lot of people go making offerings to he, the hope can get bit of benefit. And this kitchen god should have meat or fish, people must kill a pig to slaughter a sheep for it sacred, bonze of broken kitchen sink carries crutch to pointing to kitchen to say, you are building synthesis originally, you have what spirit. Knocked 3 times on kitchen with crutch, kitchen broke down, have a peculiar person suddenly, prostrate say before bonze, I am that kitchen god, because injustice is very grave,be in tiredly this gets bit of cigarette, oneself cannot be cast off, hear master says not to have strange law to me today, got save. The cloud. The alleged god of knowable buddhism, not so magical. Buddhist since " atheistic " person, want disengagement to cannot rely on outside force so, basically rely on oneself, divide him him disengagement, do not have the 2nd road again. Although have in buddhism,persuade a person to read aloud Amitayus to be sent toward what give birth to Buddha country, but the person that commit all manners of crimes cannot be gone to absolutely unripe. Must defend Buddhist monastic discipline hard at the same time, xiu Dinghui is repaired all beneficent. Knowable unripe Sukhavati also must rely on the problem before his force is, amitayus just gains upper edge, make you change condition of one runner band, be equal to say easy recuperate -- Elysium. Rumour bird sound reads aloud over, what to read aloud? The suffering that still reads aloud, empty, fugacious, without me, toward was born to be returned so that hear Mi Tuo argument. What Amitayus tells still is suffering, sky, fugacious, the truth that does not have me, still ask you leave realize. Buddhism is " atheistic " person, all beards are made from oneself first, must try hard Buddhist monastic discipline is decided intelligent long hold, must meet preordained fate, must genesis is seeing, be being repaired otherwise also is Bai Xiu. The truth of genesis of fruit of course of study understands already deep, kind melon gets melon, kind the beans gets a beans, be apt to has kind newspaper, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, not be not to sign up for, however time is less than. If do not have the law of causation, ourselves also cannot free oneself. because have the law of causation this one objective law, make be apt to have cable of be apt to so, make sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. We are namely below guidance of this the law of causation, all evil not make, numerous be apt to is pursued. Thing of be apt to is made much, merits and virtues grows, evil thing decreases, fault decreased every day. But rely on this to still be no good merely, must leave even realize, card all law solid sexes, 2 sky do not have card me. Lean only in person weather channel all evil not make, numerous be apt to is pursued enough also. This basically depends on leaving desire, be about to be to have an insatiable desire for name of the color that write money to feed saliva, lubricious sound fragrance is touched etc, what evildoing of be apt to is is jumbly, need looks from desire how many and to measure.
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