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Western civilization communicates medium buddhist east
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By archaic east first civilian the buddhist of the invention, its are reached in Sakyamuni Buddha about a hundred generation the great of practice midstream develop that countless apprentice descendants is passed, be regarded as complete development from sexual potential, resolve person and natural essential contradiction, reach the way of the Nie the other shore of lasting happiness, know oneself according to the facts as the person, the path that the ego that realizes life changes, concentration shows the divine marrow of Oriental spiritual civilization. The influence of buddhist, permeate deeply at Oriental culture, with Oriental other culture together, comprise the fundamental key of Oriental civilization, to the social history of Oriental each country and humanitarian culture, had had the effect that cannot ignore, it is to form China, India the important spiritual prop of at the height of power and splendour of mediaeval prosperity prosperous. Latter-day since, the east that permeates buddhist spirit is civilized, along with to it the archaic agriculture economy with unripe all, overshot times of her black prime of life, move toward consenescence step by step. It is when east in its traditional and civilized Yu Hui jib when, the western quickness that flounced off Christian theology to manacle is driven in thereinbefore, of desire of the plunder that is being aroused by capital hyperplasia, conquer drive below, with most the compass that invents by the Chinese first drives benefit ship is distant cross the seas and oceans, the igneous cannon that invents with the Chinese drove east the portal that ancient country closes for years, make Oriental civilization ancient country suffering a crushing defeat, its traditional and civilized proper pride, got be harmed deeply. Of this pair of east revitalize and update civilizedly for, may not is not meddlesome. Be less than hundred years, oriental was driven at full speed in corporeal civilization respect come up, japan of among them the person that above average, already ascended the front row of world power.

Just when a few Oriental are in Europe wind beauty of rain invade next bemoaning oneself are traditional and civilized downfallen, admire western civilization when, culture elite of the west people the malady that realizes the west is latter-day and civilized strongly however, in civilized to oneself introspection, look forward to eastwardly the dawn of the old spiritual civilization that shoots. As the day that information transmits beneficial develops, of the earth rapid " contractible " , the two-way communication of western culture is accelerated east, present a be in harmony of civilization of a kind of mankind to collect the trend that all suits. Long-term since the different trend that square civilized and respective one-way development forms the thing, different achievement, from whole mankind the height of civilization history looks down at, as it happens makes a kind of complementary impact, by complementary and collision is ground, and blend integratedly, promote culture to new peak peak, it is human culture the basic trend of adj development.
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