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Join the precondition of buddhist
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Enter the intent of buddhist, the gender sees in bright heart; Want the take out pollution from the heart namely, solid see the face from the gender. Pollution is covet persistence, from the gender it is photograph of Buddha wisdom heart. Photograph of Buddha wisdom heart, for Zhu Fo place of all living creatures is provided together, without 2 without not, if left covet persistent, derive from photograph of Buddha wisdom heart with respect to card, it is Buddha, it is all living creatures otherwise. Come from boundless disaster for us only, confuse fall life and death, smeary long, cannot instantly takes off covet suddenly, solid see inherent quality, want to join deep meditation so. Because this joins the precondition of buddhist, eliminate vain hope namely. Covet how division, what Sakyamuni Buddha says is very much, the simplest it would be better " rest namely bodhi " " rest " word. Zen by amount to rub the founder of a school of learning is transmitted east earth, broadcast to 6 Zu Houchan wind, shake bright Gu Jin, but amount to rub the founder of a school of learning and 6 ancestor show learn the person's most serious word, mo Re " hold one's breath Zhu Yuan, read aloud to not be born " . Hold one's breath Zhu Yuan, it is 10 thousand predestined relationships put down. So " 10 thousand predestined relationships are put down, read aloud to not be born " these two words, it is the precondition that joins deep meditation really. If these two words are not done, join deep meditation not only it is to say to do not have a success, it is an introduction impossible. Gai Moyuan is twined, read aloud read aloud unripe destroy, do you still talk to go up join deep meditation?

"10 thousand predestined relationships are put down, read aloud to not be born " , it is the precondition that joins deep meditation, since we knew, so, how can be you just accomplished? On Yan person read aloud to always rest, till not have,be born, card bodhi, be without long-winded. Eliminate a job in order to manage next, know from the gender, original and kosher, trouble bodhi, 槃 of Nie of life and death, all be anonym, former not with me from sexual be concerned with. Everything matter, all be pipe dream, I 4 kinds of big bodies, with earth of the land of country, be in from the gender in, if the float soak in the sea is same, along with case along with destroy, without hindering noumenon. Should not follow all unreal issues give birth to different to destroy and remove glad be disgusted with to accept or reject, the whole body is put down, if the the dead is same, natural root dirt knows heart disappear to fall, crazy love of corrupt be angry dies out, the difficulties of all this bodies, suffering happy, be hungry is cold, full good fortune of warm, honour or disgrace, life and death, misfortune, good or ill luck, praise or blame, get risk of funeral, safety to smooth, entirely have no regard for, such ability calculate put down. Put down, everything is put down, put down forever, call 10 thousand predestined relationships to put down. 10 thousand predestined relationships were put down, covet from disappear, do not rise respectively, persistence is far from, read aloud to not be born so far, from sexual light, collectivity is shown. Had to the condition that is ginseng buddhist, reoccupy result true ginseng is solid investigate, bright heart sees the gender just has branch.
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