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Grace is equal will run red-letter day of art of the 2nd culture
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” of “ grand opera: Culture art big round of drinks swims
Section of art of the 2nd culture of favour smooth city will be held on December 5 at will coming on November 25, this is the 2nd culture of favour smooth city that the reporter holds from October 8 artistic moral integrity prepares the know on working conference. The conference is artistic to this second culture big round of drinks of section culture art swims wait for 10 big projects to refer commentate and raised a requirement. The 2nd culture of smooth city of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of favour smooth municipal Party committee, propaganda, favour is artistic the section prepares the job to lead group assistant group leader Li Runjiao attended the meeting.

The conference points out, carry out the seventeen great mind of the party for development, brand of start shooting culture, promote culture soft actual strength, harmony of society of economy of stimulative favour smooth city develops, favour smooth municipal Party committee, municipal government decides to hold Benciwen to spend artistic red-letter day, promote the Chinese nation outstanding culture is traditional, show culture career to develop fruit, prosperous culture is created, stimulative culture communicates, drive culture of favour smooth city to develop great prosperity greatly, publicize favour smooth city energetically progress of society of 30 years of economy accomplishs reforming and opening, expand external consequence, stimulant favour makes the same score people solidarity, development enterprising, accelerate harmony of society of favour flat economy to grow pace further. Favour smooth municipal Party committee, municipal government hopes to pass conduct series culture activity, establish ties each economic and trade activity, invite each personage to attend, start a citizen to be participated in extensively, brand of section of art of start shooting culture, stimulative culture and economy coordinate interactive development.

According to introducing, section of art of this second culture is omnibus culture activity, dimensions big, content wide, form is much, include culture art big round of drinks to swim, exhibition of calligraphy of art of show of joint performance of song of civilian of show of troupe of evening party of singing and dancing, professional another name for Guangdong Province, favour, quyi, photography, picture exhibition, nature surprises outstanding and stone exhibition, literary work and outstanding artist commend award and literary group are big. Culture art big round of drinks swims is the ” of “ grand opera of culture art section, analogy is the artistic encyclopedia ” of “ scroll type, for masses place love to see and hear, the overall conception that culture art big round of drinks swims is main around “ harmony·Develop the theme of ” , with “ hill, water, day, ground, person, and, happy ” is a line, it is content with advanced culture, it is fundamental key with traditional art, with advancing the performance is a form, show the culture characteristic with equal grace and times scene in the round, big round of drinks of whole culture art swims to be 9 combination in all, 36 perform a team, the implied meaning is everlasting.
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