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Rich collect county section of art of culture of the 3rd masses kicks off
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Rich collect county section of art of culture of the 3rd masses will be held on October 6 at will coming on September 27, at the appointed time the 8 great distinctive folk art such as umbrella of Wu Chunniu, dance collect will appear. Yesterday afternoon, opening ceremony of artistic moral integrity is in rich collect county culture square is held. Huang Yan of head of a department of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda goes, leader of team of collect county quadruplet waits for concerned controller of province culture hall and rich attend an opening ceremony.

Huang Yan makes a speech on the opening ceremony all right, she is opposite on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal government rich collect county of section of art of culture of the 3rd masses hold smoothly express congratulation. Huang Yan says all right, since reforming and opening, below the leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government, government of rich collect county Party committee, county guides entire county people to develop enterprising, struggle difficultly, each career obtained delectable result. Especially in recent years, while rich collect county is expanding economy, culture construction also obtains welcome progress, culture of urban and rural masses lives increasingly rich and colorful, masses culture quality promotes further.

Huang Yan says all right, section of art of current masses culture, it is in recent years the concentration of achievement of work of entire county culture is shown, also be rich Luo Renmin is high-spirited up the concentration of humanitarian elegant demeanour reveals mental scene and rich period flavor. Hope rich collect county learns practice to develop scientificly deep further view, found countrywide civilized town to be chance with the our city, with entire county section of art of culture of the 3rd masses is start, increase culture to build strength further, accelerate culture to develop great prosperity greatly further, let broad masses enjoy more culture to develop fruit, to build Hui Minzhi the city makes positive contribution.

On the opening ceremony, team of show of the art between 18 Bo Luomin that comprise by 5000 much people and 15 phalanx team appear in county culture square, swim in county make one's rounds. That day, reforming and opening becomes rich collect county 30 years to be exhibited with respect to the picture and art calligraphy photography spreads out exhibit, still held that evening kick off literary evening party.

According to introducing, current and artistic moral integrity is the most large-scale folk culture that after 9 years are being lain between when rich collect, holds again artistic activity. The 8 great distinctive folk art such as lion of dragon of umbrella of festive lantern of She nationality singing and dancing, Wu Chunniu, dance, dance collect, dance, dance, Wu Qilin and civilian tom-tom will meet with the audience. Additional, come from September 29 on October 6, square of culture of rich collect county will hold 8 literary joint performance continuously.
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