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Le Qing section of first laborers art kicks off
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They did not groom through professional vocal music, their mandarin also not so standard, but they are very happy, laugh call “ to amuse oneself ” . Late on September 23, section of art of first laborer of happy quiet town kicks off, friend of many 150 laborer appearances show talent, the sister of brother of many 1000 laborer that plays to the stage brought laughter.

“ early morning the grass that I stand in Qing Qing, see divine eagle is wrapping around on the arena of colour of excessive of time of ……” of that rays of morning or evening sunshine, 100 laborers of peaceful group sing great of imposing manner extensive noisy " day road " , turn the opening ceremony to the climax. Besides song, still comic dialogue, dancing and essay wait, program content rich and colorful, the applause below the stage again and again.

In these shows, a lot of laborers are to appearance for the first time, hard to avoid is nervous excited. 10 workingwoman of golden dragon group performed modern dance " unlock " , they are the ship-fitter people of a gleam of, cocoa is among them. Cocoa of 19 years old comes from Henan country this year, she says, oneself like to dance as a child, but never had gone up however arena. This, she achieves what one wishes eventually, although nervous, but found the sense when “ star ” .

Laborer art section is one gives the culture big food of the person that ab extra Wu is versed in, last a period of time 2 months, share activity of 8 large series, include gout athletic meeting, call for paper week of movies of the match, speech match, laborer, lecture, provide a platform that shows talent for laborers.

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