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Chinese artist to Olympic museum donates folding fan
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6 days afternoon, xiao Lang of 91 years old of senile home of painting and calligraphy are in people congress hall donates 29 artistic folding fan international Olympic museum, with Chinese tradition the form of painting and calligraphy lets the world recall 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The home of painting and calligraphy of nearly 30 home such as dragon of folding fan You Xiaolang, Sun Jifeng, Chen Xiang is created meticulously, the front is the national flower that has run Olympic Games country and scene, the reverse side is the word of Chinese a form of pre-Tang poetry of calligrapher inscribe.

Xiao Lang says: “ our hope travels through artistic folding fan and reveal the glamour of art of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, flower of God of hope Olympic essence is same, blossom each corner of alive bound. ”

Donate a ceremony this by Tianjin city abstruse sufficient do, investment of Tianjin seaside development accuses a limited company and Tianjin inferior art museum is held jointly. Xiang Xiaolang of delegate plum red lady issued international Olympic committee to present letter

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