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The 4th whole nation " group art cup " photography art spreads out act
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The countrywide “ that establishs by Shenzhen group exhibition of art of photography of art cup ” undertakes the 4th this year, the theme is “ focusing reforming and opening 30 years ” . Prepare more through half an year, solicit contributinos with choose, yesterday, current exhibition is in house of art of culture of Baoan area masses to begin ceremoniously.

“ of the 4th whole nation group exhibition of art of photography of art cup ” photographs by Chinese art area of society, Baoan appoint house of art of masses of city of bureau of culture of area of propagandist department, Baoan, Shenzhen and Shenzhen city art photograph learn to sponsor, collect the whole nation in all (include area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in all 30 municipality that visit town photographs 2290 times many sixteen thousand five hundred work of the author, 5 categories such as amorous feelings of science and education of cent society on-the-spot record, culture, folk-custom, environment, artistic originality, choose a gold, silver-colored, copper, outstanding work in all 250.

These work never are the same as the tremendous change since angle, different level reflected our country reforming and opening 30 years. Among them the Zhao Zongyun of Sichuan films " home " , the Ceng Anwen of Guangdong films " big love immensity " have the honor to win social on-the-spot record kind gold prize; The Luo Zhangze of Guangdong films " firewood fire according to legend " , the Kang Guanfu of Yunnan films " 3 inches of Jin Lian exhibit heroic bearing " have the honor to win culture science and education kind gold prize; The Zhong Huan of Sichuan films " earth shake 100 days of hold a memorial ceremony for " , the Zu Wei of Guangdong films " Dao Lang's song " have the honor to win folk-custom amorous feelings kind gold prize; The Peng Dong of Guangdong films " earth flying song " , the Chen Yunchao of Guangxi films " group photo " have the honor to win environment kind gold prize; The Xue Liyuan of Guangdong films " dare ask the customer comes from where " , the Chen Mingyuan of Shandong films " Wu Songjing tiger pursues " have the honor to win artistic originality kind gold prize.

The exhibition will be exhibited in Shenzhen to on October 12, lie fallow for culture of Shenzhen citizen festival offer ” of good place of a “ .

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