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Folk art section will kick off in Guangzhou
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Yesterday, association of Chinese folk literary home is in Beijing to release, festival of the 7th Chinese folk art that sponsors jointly by the unit such as this association will be in Guangzhou city at will coming 13 days on October 10 time Yu area is held.

According to organizing committee introduction, current and artistic moral integrity promotes traditional festival culture, inheritance with “ ” of progress of harmony of fine folk art, stimulative society is a tenet, by rescue of bequest of Chinese folk culture and protective forum, China folk art (song and dance of floating colour, folk) exhibit act, Great Master of Chinese folk arts and crafts invites exhibit, You Caijie of make one's rounds of Chinese folk art. At the appointed time, will many 1700 the team of many 90 performance that comes from countrywide each district, actor enters show activity, still culture of photographer of home of numerous civilian arts and crafts, folk music home, folk-custom, folk studies the expert participates in folk art reveal, the activity of academic conference delibrate of performance and communication and civilian culture. In addition, association of Chinese folk literary home still will be during activity of artistic moral integrity hold send culture go to the countryside to establish farmhouse bookstore activity, donate large quantities of one agglomeration achievement of census of sex of rescue of civilian culture bequest and the books of civilian literary high-quality goods that study positive result.

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